Uber in London, changes waiting times….and costs

Uber has announced that, from tomorrow, free waiting time is being cut to just 2 minutes after the driver arrives at the pick-up.

The driver will now only wait 8 minutes before cancelling the fare and charging the rider for the privilege.

The cancellation fee riders are being charged goes up to £6, £10 if you’re not there and it’s at the airport.

The time you can cancel after requesting a ride is cut to 2 minutes.

None of these are very rider friendly if you ask me!

Full details here.


  1. It is simple. When you order a driver, be there and ready when they arrive. They don’t make a lot of money an for them waiting around for a passenger only decreases their revenue. Don’t see why you consider it unfriendly. You are basically getting a discount verses taxis but asking for a lot more.

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