Hyatt’s slap in the face for international members of World of Hyatt

Hyatt have launched a re-qualification campaign for its members around holding its credit card. As this card is not available outside the US, it pretty much tells international members of World Of Hyatt, what it thinks about them and their value to the brand.

  • -To qualify for Explorist status, cardmembers must complete 10 nights (normally 30 nights)
  • -To qualify for Globalist status, cardmembers must complete 20 nights (normally 60 nights)

Renewals must be incredibly low for Hyatt to have to push status in this way.

From Monday, August 28 all cardmembers can register for this promotion.  If they stay a minimum number of tier qualifying nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort between September 1, 2017 and December 30, 2017, they will earn a new elite status through February 2019.

Full details here.

Terms and Conditions

1 The promotion is valid only for Hyatt Credit Cardmembers in good standing who receive this promotional offer from Hyatt and register for the promotion between August 28, 2017 and September 30, 2017.  To qualify for this offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment.  A Hyatt Credit Cardmember may earn Explorist or Globalist status in the World of Hyatt program through February 2019 by completing a specified number of Tier-Qualifying Nights (as defined in the World of Hyatt program terms, available at at any participating Hyatt hotel or resort worldwide.  Only stays completed between September 1, 2017 and December 30, 2017 (“Qualification Period”) will be eligible for this promotion.  To qualify for Globalist status, member must complete twenty (20) Tier-Qualifying Nights during the Qualification Period. To qualify for Explorist status, member must complete ten (10) Tier-Qualifying Nights during the Qualification Period. To earn credit towards this offer, member must check out of a reservation during the Qualification Period. If member checks into a reservation during the Qualification Period, but does not check out until after the Qualification Period has ended, (s)he will not earn credit towards this offer for any nights stayed as part of that reservation. Stays completed by member prior to the start of the Qualification Period will not count towards this offer (even if any night stayed otherwise qualifies as a “Tier-Qualifying Night” for purposes of the World of Hyatt program.)


  1. Every time Hyatt has one of these promos for their credit card holders, we hear the same whine from those outside the USA. For the most part your whine has been heard by Hyatt. The number of promos for those outside of US haven’t been getting more promos. No. Those Hyatt offers for credit card holders have dramatically decreased. Thanks.

    Hyatt can target whomever they want for their offers. It’s their program. Sorry those of you out of the USA weren’t targeted. SPG just came out with a targeted promo. I wasn’t targeted. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. They don’t want my business I guess. Well they’re not going to get it. Everyone got want they want.

    If Hyatt and their program doesn’t work for those of you who weren’t targeted, move on. I hear many have. You’ll be in good company. Other chains have a much better footprint but all the majors have targeted promos too.

  2. “slap in the face for international” Hyatt is an American company so it would figure they’d cater primarily to americans…

  3. And the majority of people will have completed the bulk of their travel for the year already. This promo will push them to stay even more.

  4. Hyatt can do/targeted whatever/whoever with their Loyalty Program as a company, having said this, I think that people must be loyalty to the program that offer the best to them, as “International”, if Hyatt don’t offer so much benefit and promotion for me, I would think twice to be part of their loyalty program. There are many outstanding loyalty program that take care of international member. SPG, IHG.

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