Hilton Dublin Airport introduces round-trip charge but more frequent services

Many MileageRunners start from Dublin due to its (frequently) decent Business Class fares. There are a couple of hotels on the airport, but neither are great. Another popular option is the Hilton Dublin Airport.

Until 31 July, you pay EUR2 for the trip back to the airport, but the outbound journey is free. On my most recent stay the return fee was waived as a Diamond. In truth the service is patchy, often substituted by Taxis early in the morning, and not the best as the van is small.

It appears that all of this is going away on 1 August.

The service is changed to operate every 30 minutes (4am to 11.30pm), and will use 28 people buses. At the same time the cost is changing, EUR5 for a roundtrip or EUR3 for a one way.

The new GM has been slowly increasing rates so I am unsurprised that an extra fee has attracted his attention. I understand from the last time I was there that the hotels directly employed drivers were being laid off and the service was being outsourced. I wonder if this is the result of that change.

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  1. That’s a shame. I took advantage of this service in April and because I was a Diamond member it was all free (and I was on my own both ways). Will it still be free for Diamond?

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