REVIEW: Hilton, Frankfurt Airport


FRA Airport Hilton 7

The first challenge is locating this property. The Sheraton is directly linked to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport, whereas the Hilton (and the Hilton Garden Inn) are a good 10-15 minutes walk from the terminal. I got lost when I stayed there last week, so am providing this handy visual guide.

First, locate the big departure board in the public area of Terminal 1. It is one of the great features of Frankfurt and instantly known by everyone who works there.

If you stand in front of the departures board, facing it – and look to your right you will see a set of escalators.

FRA Hilton Airport Route 4

You need to go up these escalators and once at the top take a sharp right over the pedestrian bridge. When you have crossed the road, turn right at the far end.

Take a left at the end of the walk way and take the long corridor towards the Long Distance trains.

FRA Airport Hilton Route 5

Once you get in to the rail station (the platforms are on a lower level), turn right and look to the The Squaire East entrance.

FRA Hllton Airport Route 6

Walk in to the shopping centre towards a set of escalators at the back of the area. Halfway up the escalators you will see your goal, the Hilton Frankfurt Airport.

As you enter the automatic doors you immediately get an idea of the huge atrium which dominates the property. Rooms overlook the lobby or have views of outside.

Hilton Frankfurt Airport

After a quick check-in I was directed to the suite I had been given as an upgrade on the 9th floor. The executive lounge is on the 10th floor.

The suite had a short corridor leading to the living room and adjacent desk/working area.

FRA Hilton Airport 2

A couple of bottles of water had been supplied with some sweets. There is a Nespresso machine provided too.

Past the desk and you find the bedroom and adjacent bathroom.

FRA Hilton 1

The bed was comfortable and I had an excellent nights sleep until my dreams were broken by the alarm clock. Unfortunately I had a flight from Terminal 2 at 0720 so had to get up early to check-in. Terminal 2 is probably 20-25 minutes away with a lot of walking and catching the airport train required.

The lounge offers evening drinks and snacks from 6pm and is a super space – bright and airy, with lots of places to sit and interesting features. Whilst it was busy there was plenty of wine, beer and soft drinks provided. Hot (white sausage and deep fried mushrooms) and cold (cheeses, meats) items were offered.

FRA Hilton Airport 3

You need your key to access the area. I wasn’t able to get there for breakfast.

FRA Hilton Exec Lounge

Checking out in the morning, I was one of a small group of early morning travellers heading out for flights from Frankfurt. The lights above reception, which look like Christmas ornaments hanging from the roof.

The image at the top of the post on the right below is of the wall which is the entrance to the meeting rooms. It is silver and reflects the lights in interesting ways.


I cannot sing the praises of the hotel enough – a great nights sleep, a super club and a great upgrade. Pretty much all I ask.


  1. No kidding about finding the hotel! We spent almost an hour getting lost before stumbling into it. The nice part was that it’s very close to the regional trains if you are coming in that way

  2. I prefer Hilton than Sheraton for overnight transit.
    There’s airline counters in the long corridor mentioned above, where you can check your baggages.

    Yes, being located just above the train station is really beauty.

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