Can I (and every other blogger) give you a year of Hyatt Globalist-lite?

world of hyatt

Hyatt are running a promo to coincide with their launch of the new World of Hyatt, their replacement for Gold Passport.

The promo offers bloggers the chance to give one of their readers Globalist (the highest level of the new programme) – but only a very light version. You won’t earn:

  • The category 1-7 free night,
  • nor the 4 suite upgrades, and
  • not the My Hyatt Concierge, plus you
  • will not get the lowered nights requirement for the subsequent year

But you will get the

  • upgrades to the Best Available Room including standard suites, and
  • the upgrade to Club Rooms or breakfast (up to $50), plus
  • 4pm (on request) late checkout, also the
  • 48 hour room availability, and
  • The 30% points earning bonus too.

So, if you’d like to give this a go, please leave me enough information in the comments below before 8 March and I’ll pick a random reader to get it.



  1. Enjoy reading your blog. Was a Hyatt Diamond for a long time, but will be a normal member this year. Didn’t qualify as Globalist or Explorist for 2017. Taking out the stay requirements and having only nights requirements makes it so much harder to qualify for top status. They should offer a credit card option for spend to get Globalist status.

  2. The one chain I have yet to explore, might as well do it from the beginning as a Globalist!

  3. I have been Hyatt Diamond the last year and am Explorist now. As i have a few upcoming stays within the next months Globalist would be a great perk!

  4. For this year I have already booked plans on staying in various Hyatt low-end properties at airports, plus some high-end resorts (e.g. Key West).

    Having status would make it all enjoyable, so, thanks πŸ™‚

  5. I would love to get this – I was considering booking a couple of Hyatts in June to try them out and this would help me decide!

  6. Wow…. That would be amazing! Could definitely make use of it for an upcoming trip!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Well as it’s chosen at random I could say I really dislike Hyatt and it won’t affect my chances of winning πŸ™‚

  8. Please consider me because I will use it along with my mission trips to Romania. It will be a nice reward after serving the needs of abandon children in Romania. Thank you for the consideration.

  9. With over 30 stays already booked this year and no status, Globalist would be amazing!

  10. Wow awesome! I actually logged into Hyatt last night just to look at my account saying Diamond one last time

  11. I’ve actually never stayed at a Hyatt and would love to try them out for some upcoming trips. They have some great properties and I’d absolutely love the opportunity to stay with them as a globalist. Ive always found your blog insightful and helpful. Thanks for doing this by the way!

  12. I’d greatly appreciate it! I have a couple of Hyatt reservations coming up later in the year (Siem Reap and Tokyo) and would enjoy the opportunity to be upgraded.

  13. That would be very great, as I dropped to the Explorist level on March the 1st. Very hard to be Globalist when residing in Europe with just few Hyatt properties.

  14. Would absolutely love to have this in 2017! I was a Diamond last year and it was an incredible 12 months! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. I made it to Globalist. I am signing up for a friend who travels in Hyatt areas, like me, but we travel separately. Since this is random, why not try and help a friend.

  16. Always reading your Hyatt blogs before deciding which Hyatt for my next stay. I’m still new to Hyatt World, it would be an awesome opportunity to experience Globalist and build up my Hyatt points!

  17. Very sad to be losing my Diamond status so this would be an awesome way to get it back!

  18. Hi, enjoy reading a UK-focused travel blog which nevertheless still features Hyatt coverage as this is a chain I have long had a soft spot for.
    Would love to give Globalist a try and would be highly unlikely to achieve it normally given their tiny UK footprint.

  19. Would love to try Hyatt more. I have always shied away from them as I have no status. I have an extra 4 weeks annual leave this year (due to long service making my total 10 weeks) and I have a trip to the west coast US planned. Status in Hyatt for me would be perfect for this trip… πŸ˜‰ please…

  20. I have a few Hyatt stays booked for my honeymoon in May/June and it would be a huge perk to get that club level!

  21. OMG — I would absolutely love that! Please please pick me!!

    Unfortunately won’t have enough stays to make Globalist, but would certainly make the best use of Globalist-lite!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your drawing.

  22. As an Explorist as of today, this offer will come very handy for some stays later this year. Thanks!

  23. Free Breakfast and Club access are the main perks I enjoy. Thanks for posting.

  24. That would be amazing! I had Diamond two years ago, but didn’t get to travel as much last year because I had a baby! Would love to have some of the benefits again. Thanks so much!

  25. Petty much every city I travel to for work has a Hyatt so would love to be Globalist!

  26. Should I be clever,
    should I be witty,
    never mind,
    I’m not Walter Mitty…

    Yes, that’s an attempt to enter!

  27. I’d love to have Globalist Status for 2018! Just got downgraded from Diamond to Explorist.

  28. Would love for you to pick me! Former Hyatt Diamond here going through withdrawal pains…

  29. Hello. I have Discoverist status (i.e. Nobody), and would like to try higher level. Please pick me. Thank you!

  30. I’d love to take a nab at Hyatt Globalist. We have upcoming trips planned to the Middle East (PH Abu Dhabi and Dubai), Australia (PH Sydney and Melbourne), and Asia (GH HK and hopefully new PH Bangkok).

    Thanks for sharing with us, MilesFromBlighty!

  31. I’ll give this a shot, though a few other comments of mine here was eaten up by the comment moderation monster.

  32. Hyatt Globalist-lite still sounds better than top tier levels with the competing brands. Christmas cometh early…?

  33. Pick me please – did a few stays at Hyatts last fall and loved some of their properties.

  34. Sweet offer, lost diamond status and while globalist doesn’t roll off the tongue the same it’d be nice to have!

  35. Have several Hyatt stays coming up and would love to have the Globalist (lite) status!

  36. I’d like to get this top-tier status to enjoy the soon to open Park Hyatt St. Kitts.

  37. Yeah, count me in. Though it is not really ‘lite’, because the missing benefits are only earned after staying enought nights. But I get what you want to make clear, so that is appreciated.
    We don’t want to be disappointed when assuming it is about more than it really is πŸ˜‰

  38. I got my Chase Hyatt card thinking I will be Platinum for life a month before Hyatt announced WOH. Let’s just say, I was disappointed that I will now not get that match to Mlife Gold. I had great hope for Hyatt but now, not so much. Globalist would do wonders for me. Thanks.

  39. I promise to use this to its fullest at all of the Hyatt Place’s I go to this year.

  40. I would love to win a globalist status. I have planned trips to Sydney, Hawaii and Tokyo in the next 12 months and would like to have the status to enjoy the welcome amenities that would come with a bump in status.

    Thank you kindly.

  41. Would happily take it for the upcoming year of travel with the wife and 1 year old, Diamond always worked out great for us but didn’t requal this year.

  42. Love to win one. I finally get to travel and explore around the world this year and like to share my travel experience along the way. It’d be such a great addition if I become a hyatt globalist.

  43. I had a great experience at one Hyatt last year and then stayed at a couple of others based on that experience hoping (expecting) the same service and was completely let down. With Globalist status hopefully the experience would be top notch with every stay and not just depend on the person you interact with at the front desk.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  44. Would love this since we will be staying at the Hyatt Regency in April for our Anniversary!

  45. Having been dropped down to Explorist in the new world, Globalist-lite would be great πŸ™‚

  46. I would love to start taking more trips globally with my SO – Globalist status will definitely go a long way towards making that happen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I’d definitely take advantage of this. Planning to Vendome later this year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Thanks for this great opportunity! I would LOOOOVVVE to be chosen! That would be a dream come true!

  49. I’ve never held status with a hotel and would love to experience what it is like! May also come in handy as I plan my honeymoon πŸ™‚

  50. Would love to have Globalist status for the breakfast benefit and possible suite upgrades at check-in

  51. Was Hyatt Diamond member for a few years (years ago). I was traveling from BOS to SMF and CMH often. Then I started covering a client in THL where there are no Hyatts! So I haven’t been a Diamond for a long time. Would love to try out Gloalistness. Thanks for running the promo! So fun!

  52. I just appreciate that you are calling everyone else out on this! Those bloggers who are pretending to not bet incentivized by hyatt your honesty is a breath of fresh air!!!

  53. I’ve been demoted to “Discoverist.” I really value the 48 hour guaranteed room, would love to have Globalist lite!

  54. I love the Hyatt brand but I’m a cheapo, so it’s usually the Hyatt Place for me for the free breakfast. With the breakfast credit I could finally bump up to something a little nicer. I’d be more than happy with the “lite” version, considering I have zero hotel status.

  55. Lighter diamond/globalist is still better than explorist… would love to try the new benefits!

  56. I’ve never had status with Hyatt…my travels have never synched up where their properties were the best choice for me enough times in a year, and I’ve never had it from a card, match, etc. Even the lite version could be enough to make me switch enough nights to earn status legitimately.

  57. Already Globalist so don’t really care. But very very impressed at the amount of web traffic generated by a giveaway of something obviously quite appealing, despite all the moaning online about it…

  58. I just got downgraded from diamond. Have my honeymoon this year at a Park Hyatt. Would love to be able to have the diamond benefits for that!!!

  59. The lounge access/free breakfast provided wiht Globalist status would be super useful for upcoming travel. Thanks for the giveway!

  60. Nothing would make me happier than the chance to experience the Park Hyatt Tokyo as a Hyatt Globalist! I’d love to win, thanks for the hosting the giveaway.

  61. My fiancee and I are going on our honeymoon this summer with our time split between the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome & a week at the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa (thanks Ultimate Rewards). We would love to have globalist for our trip (my first time to Europe and first time to the Maldives for both of us).

  62. I’m a Delta Diamond, but never held more than Gold status at a hotel. I wan’t to see what Globalist can do for me.

  63. I would love to win Globalist. I was a diamond last year and really enjoyed the diamond breakfast at the Andaz Papagayo in Feb. I planned my trip so I would get the diamond benefit before it expired on March 1st. I took my mom with me and she was so happy to have free breakfast and we got a great upgrade to a room with a view. I have an upcoming stay at the Park Hyatt Vienna this June. I am taking my mother again. She is so disappointed that we won’t be getting free breakfast this time. I would love to have Globalist status so I can treat my mom to another amazing experience. We have already planned her and my Dad’s 50th anniversary trip to go back to the Andaz Papagayo. That is how much she loved her last hyatt stay.

  64. This would be great. I have to start World of Hyatt at Discoverist level. I’m going to work toward Explorist (though that will be tough). I would love to try out Globalist for a year.

  65. Please pick me! Would love to explore Hyatt’s new program and compare to my Hilton Diamond. I’ll even write you a blog article on a year long experience! How fun would that be?

  66. My wife and I would LOVE to enjoy the perks of globalist, especially the chance for a suite upgrade at check-in and even more the free breakfast benefit.

    We’re two school teachers & H.S. coaches who would love to plan a trip to a couple Hyatt resorts in the next year but those $40 and $50 resort breakfast really add up.

    We’d definitely be grateful if we won and would even be more than happy to write a few trip reports, reviews, etc for you if we win and you’d like.

  67. I would be very happy and grateful if I won so I can enjoy the perks of the new program.

  68. I love Hyatt. I have stayed at a few Hyatt hotels at the end of last year and would love to repeat that!
    You can check my blog for reviews of PH Seoul, PH Vienna, GH Berlin, HR Cologne, HR DΓΌsseldorf and HR Mainz – but there are so many more Hyatt on the list (e.g. GH HK, PH Shanghai)…
    Thank you!

  69. Thx for that chance:-) If i’m picked I would use it for my mum and me, as I am planning to take her for a birthday trip through (South) East Asia for her 60th Birthday in autumn.

  70. Yes please! Currently i don’t have any status so this would kickstart my points life massively. For my upcoming rtw this means some style.. πŸ˜€ thanks!

  71. Hey, first of all: Thank you for this promo!
    I’ve just started my own blog and I would love to focus on Hyatt for the next reviews and travels.

    Best wishes,

  72. I have – honestly – never set foot in a Hyatt Hotel before. My HHonors Gold and Club Carlson Gold memberships always point me towards their properties. I’d love to win this and give Hyatt a Chance πŸ™‚

  73. Well, there’s just been too much publicity about Hyatt Globalist lately to not give it a shot. I’d say that trying Hyatt Globalist in the first year would be a great opportunity to see whether Hyatt really delivers with the new programme!

  74. Hi Mark,
    In summer, I will go on a one year sabbatical to travel the world. Looking forward to use my miles and write some hotel reviews. The HYATT GLOBALIST status would definitely sweeten this adventure πŸ™‚

  75. As a daily reader of Hotel & Airline news pages I was surprised and happy to hear there are currently four offers to win a Hyatt Elite Status for one year.

    I was Hyatt Diamond only Platinum and would love to enjoy for one year the Hyatt Globalist status.
    I travel mostly of the time for pleasure and holiday around the world with my partner and we both love to stay in good hotels. What we love more is to enjoy hotels.
    Sometimes we only go back to a city to trie out and see a new hotel with Elite Status to see discover how good is the suite or how nice is the Club Lounge.
    We both really enjoy to stay in Club lounges sometimes even hours to have some rest and enjoy the service or chat with the staffs.

    I made over the last couple of years many friends from normal housekeeping staffs till managers this fascinate me always about to travel. Is not the hotel what make a stay memorable is the people who work in there and try to serve and make you happy every single minute.

    If I would get the Hyatt Globalist status I would stay probably more with Hyatt this year then Marriott, Hilton or IHG.

    Hyatt was always a good hotel accommodation and I would be more then happy to try out the new Top tier status for one year.

  76. Please give a austrian guy a chance to enjoy the hyatt service in europe and beyond.

  77. Would love to win the status, as it would be very useful for our upcoming honeymoon stay at the Park Hyatt Maldives.

  78. Hi Mark
    Please pick me,
    I`m planing a stay at Hyatt New York in May with a good breakfasts and some hot nights in a suite with my girl!!


  79. Well, maybe you can’t help me in the long term but the Globalist status would be a little cure. Why? Because I even stay at Hyatts on my private budget even if I won’t earn status again, just because I like them πŸ™‚

    Would be nice to enjoy it a little bit more in the club with the cool boys.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers

  80. by all means! By the way, how did i not know about your blog before?! Just quickly read through your recent posts, and I’ll definitely follow your blog from now on.

  81. Would be great for my trip to Dubai in May!
    Great Blog by the way and thanks for giving your readers his chance..

  82. I have upcoming stays at the PH Dubai and the PH Milan – would love the chance to get Suite Upgrades (have actually never stayed in a Hyatt suite before) and Breakfasts! Thanks for the opportunity.

  83. Hi,

    I was Diamond years ago, and then my travels took me to locations without Hyatts. Never got to enjoy the diamond treatment

  84. We’re heading to Paris and the Park Hyatt there in May (fist trip ever to Europe!) and then to Hawaii in the Fall and would definitely pick a Hyatt with this status! I’d use it other times for work, too.

  85. Would love to get globalist so I can try out the unlimited suite upgrades at check in.

  86. I gifted Guest Of Honor to my daughter several times in 2016, would love to use the perks for myself this year.

  87. Pick me! πŸ˜› My wife and I will be going on our honeymoon in Japan and later in Asia. Would love to utilize the upgrade in status!

  88. Thanks for the blog and this will make my (an my mothers haha) day! Thanks again for the post.

  89. Was Diamond based on stays, there’s no way I’ll hit Globalist now. Pick me for one more year of goodness, it’ll entice me to stay with Hyatt again in 2017!

  90. Please pick me! I have many international trips coming up and the free breakfast would be amazing.

  91. The two of us and our 3 year toddler are staying at multiple hyatt properties this year. The globalist status would definitely give our baby more space to explore and also help with food expenses since we invariably have to order food in the resorts because of our little man.

  92. The new requirements make it hard for me to qualify on nights vs. stays. Would be a great win!

  93. I unfortunately won’t qualify under the new requirements of nights vs. stays. Would be a great win!

  94. I would absolutely love this opportunity as we explore the world with our two little ones (1 year old and 3 year old). We love exposing them to travel at a young age and this would be the perfect opportunity to show them the world in style πŸ™‚

  95. I’m planning to stay at Park Hyatt Paris and I’m looking forward to ordering the breakfast benefit

  96. I would love to upgrade from Platinum status to Globalist. Looking forward to room upgrades!

  97. Pre-2000 Nestea Iced Tea was the best commercial iced tea there ever was, and ever will be! It remains to be seen whether the same is true of Hyatt’s new loyalty program…

  98. Here’s hoping I win! Never had Hyatt elite status, but would love to try it out.

  99. I have 90 days of personal travel planned this year but I will normally go with Hilton or Marriott for the free breakfast, but if I get Globalist I will obviously switch to Hyatt, I will really take good advantage of this if I win. I am a frequent amateur contributor to the travel community, so this will be a nice reward. Thanks and congrats on your blog!

  100. Would love to whip it out when I check-in at the Park Hyatt Vendome this summer while at the French Open!

  101. It’s a long shot but totally worth it! I love being able to offer the Guest of Honor perk!

  102. Would love this! My company jusT partnered with Hyatt and will be staying at least 17-20 nights a month until about October/November. Will be a mix of Hyatt, Centric, Regency, and Grand brands.

  103. Thanks for the contest. We would love to use our gifted status for a trip to PH Maldives, where the breakfast benefits alone save about $70 a day.

  104. The status would convince me to shift upcoming stays away from Hyatt’s competitors.

  105. Would appreciate being picked so we can use the status to make it a bit easier to travel with our kids!

  106. I would really like to be selected the receive this globalist status. It would be a tremendous blessing. Thanks!

  107. I have several stays at Hyatt/Park Hyatt this year and would love for Globalist.

  108. I travel with my wife and young children often, and the free breakfast benefit and potential for suite upgrades would be a game changer for us. Thank you for your consideration.

  109. Staying at Hyatt regency Maui for 5th year anniversary. Would love status! Thanks πŸ™‚

  110. Never experienced top tier of any hotel chain, but love Hyatt! Sometimes I go out of my way to stay at Hyatt.

  111. Currently an Explorist (what used to be platinum). Have been a loyal member – really have enjoyed their Andaz properties in Shanghai and New York.

    Am currently thinking of putting all my stays to the new Marriott-
    Starwood group.

    But Globalist would definitely keep me loyal to Hyatt in my up coming stays in London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong.

  112. I’ve never made it to Diamond (lowly Platinum) but sure would like to try Globalist!

  113. My wife and kids would LOVE to get free breakfast for a year onour trips πŸ™‚ I would be mighty happy to get the fighting chance of a upgrade too for the extra space

    So hopefully WE will get lucky in the draw

  114. I am now retired and traveling the world. Hyatt is my favorite chain and the status would be nice!

  115. I would love to get picked since I love traveling and am a huge fan of Hyatt properties. Thank you.

  116. Hopefully going to Asia with whole family next year being able to upgrade to suites at some of the top properties in Asia as well as receiving free breakfast for a family of 4 would honestly make the trip.

  117. Was sad to drop all the way to member. Would love to get this before going to the Andaz Tokyo in May. Love your blog- thanks!

  118. Thanks for the contest. I am a former Hyatt Diamond now relegated to Discoverist.
    I miss my free breakfast.

  119. I’d love to try out the new status, even if it’s a lite version πŸ™‚

  120. Hey,
    I want to ask my girlfriend, my love to travel with me to Bali. It would be great to have the Hyatt Globalist Status at our stay in Nusa Bua.
    Sincerly Dan

  121. For my 40th birthday last year we circled the planet in one trip. As part of that journey, we stayed in the Park Hyatt Sydney using points and two free nights as a new Hyatt credit card holder. As a Platinum member we were upgraded to a beautiful suite, room 222. We are planning another trip to Australia and would really love to stay there again. Globalist status would make that amazing.

  122. in loyalty now, the most loyal guests don’t get promo offers bc they’re already there, already loyal.

    i NEVER read your blog! i AM your target audience who you’ve yet to reach. PICK ME and gain a new subscriber.

    i rest my case.

  123. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to switch from Hilton over to Hyatt. This may just be the opportunity.

  124. What a great way to wake up in Saudi Arabia to read about another great give away opportunity by you. I am sure that my family and I would love to be selected to receive the benefits of your generosity. God bless

  125. Will be staying at the Park Hyatt Tokyo at the end of the month for my 10-year Aniversary. Would be great to have Globalist status for the trip!

  126. Yes, please. This would allow me to gift my family elite stays through the guest of honor benefit.

  127. with 2 little kids and a wife who travel with me on work trips – never like to leave them at home having globalist status saves me a tonne on breakfast and a great bonus if I get a suite. Saves sitting outside in a hallway doing work on the laptop.
    Started staying at Hyatts last year when I did a status match – great hotels and will continue with them regardless

  128. Heading to Park Hyatt Tokyo next month, it would be nice to get club access and a suite upgrade!

  129. What is enough information? This is probably not enough. But Globalist would be a nice way of travelling for a year.

  130. I hope I am not too late in joining the draw. Have a couple of upcoming stays later in the year which will be much better if I can get status.

  131. Don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a Hyatt (am top tier with Hilton and Marriott) but would love to give them a try.

  132. Pick me! I want to go back to Hyatt and use up my 100k points from my diamond days.

  133. We’re moving back to the States after a long assignment in Europe (where there are very few Hyatt properties)….this would make our U.S. vacations much more amazing—not to mention make our vacation hops to Latin America muy bueno!

  134. “Watered-down” version or not, an elite status at Hyatt sure would make a great incentive to switch from Hilton…

  135. I never had a chance to get Hyatt honored status yet, so it could be a good chance for the next vacation.

  136. It will be impossible for me to hit Globalist status on my own – not in the next 3-5 years too. I do travel to resort destinations quite often with my friends and it will be great to make use of the suite upgrades for the ones that matter!

  137. Hey ,-)
    ..will travel through India the coming months, plan to stay a lot in Hyatt Hotels and might achieve the Global status anyway, but would be great having some benefits right at the start, making the trip a lot more comfy and less expensive.

    Greetings from Hamburg,


  138. Please pick me !!!!!!

    I cannot make Hyatt Globalist this year so it would help.

    Thank you for the generosity.

  139. Two years ago when I first started traveling, non of these travel articles and sites mattered. Today, this is my life. Thanks to you and everyone online for sharing everything

  140. Over 15 years, I forgot to use or save my Gold Passport credit. Around 20 years ago, I made my membership at Jakarta Grand Hyatt and save the points at many places in the world. I am a Korean wine businessman. I travel a lot, 4~5 times a year but not stay at Hyatt. There is no special meaning. Maybe too many chance or offer from different hotels. I still come to Hyatt and enjoy the facility. I have many friends working in Hyatt in the world. Thanks for a remind me the good memory when I stayed with Hyatt. If I have a chance, I would love to come back and exprience the Hyatt service again.

  141. As you, I’ve been a Hyatt Loyalist for more years that I wish to count, almost 25, but not ready to give up on them just yet. At least one more year of Globalist will give me time for a withdrawal and hassle of finding a new program to love.

  142. Thanks for the opportunity to think for a few days how I will be using this status!

  143. .. well… that would be a nice belated birthday present for my 60th

  144. I don’t get to travel enough to earn the status, but it is certainly nice to have. I am looking forward to a stay at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts and having status would certainly make it a more enjoyable and less expensive stay.

  145. I travel often but almost never stay at Hyatt- However, if I’m picked, I will begin to try. Maybe I’ll find I love them and maybe I won’t. But I will certainly appreciate the free breakfasts and upgrades.Thank you for passing along the offer to us

  146. For narnia! Actually for my dad, but for narnia (which will pretend is my dad and deserves it) sounds better!

  147. As I have NEVER won anything, I thank you for the chance to earn 1 free year of “Hyatt Globalist-lite.”

  148. I am adding a comment hoping you will select me. My wife and I really enjoy travel and would put this Hyatt status to good use.

  149. What a great opportunity, would significantly enhance my upcoming stay at the Park Hyatt Dubai.

  150. I’ll be at GH Hong Kong later this year. Would love to have globalist status there!

  151. I would surprise my girlfriend with a Trip trough Europe. She always wanted that

  152. We have a second honeymoon coming up in Buenos Aires and would love to have some extra perks while there (and elsewhere later) Many thanks for the opportunity to win!

  153. I am adding a comment hoping you will select me. My gf and I really enjoy travel and would put this Hyatt status to good use on our trip to Central America this summer.

  154. Hyatt has some great family properties. It would be great if you pick me so I can leverage status at these places.

  155. Thank you for this contest, I love Hyatt properties and would really enjoy being Globalist this year!

  156. Still anxious regarding the future of SPG post merger, so I’m planning to give Hyatt a try this year.

  157. The new World Of Hyatt loyalty program looks good. I would love to experience their Globalist level.

  158. Just fell off diamond to exploring.There’s no way I stay 60 nights in a year. Globalist is very much welcomed.

  159. Thx for the opportunity! With a big birthday year and a new job allowing more time to travel, Hyatt Globalist would be a fantastic way to see the world.

  160. I never get picked for anything… would be nice to have Globalist status for a year so I can afford to have breakfast at my upcoming trip to the Park Hyatt Milan.

  161. I’m planing my parents 65th birthday a round the world dream trip and this status will help make that dream come true! I will love to be the winner

  162. Would love to use Globalist status on a Hyatt stay I have planned later this month in Maui. Mahalo!

  163. I’d love to try out Hyatt hotels for weekend trips around the UAE, and this would help convince my wife. It would also be extremely useful for family vacations when I wouldn’t have to worry about finding breakfast acceptable to my wife and my kids. Suite upgrades would make our stays more enjoyable and relaxing. I’d love to use guest of honor privileges to help treat my parents to a nice vacation.

  164. Thank you for very interesting blog and for a chance to win! I hope I will be lucky! πŸ™‚

  165. I was Diamond for years, but just stopped switched back to SPG because I wasn’t confident I could get 60 nights in. Now it seems I’m going to be travelling a lot more and the goal would have been easy. Winning this would let me switch back to Hyatt!

  166. Traveling to Hawaii and Costa Rica this year. Would love to get your promo. Thanks for the chance!

  167. As usual the corporate accountants win out over common snese PR. Instead of an introduction to Hyatt giving you an award to give out that can start off “What an awesome gesture by Hyatt, they have given me an award to give out which will give you everything ………, they force you to start out telling what the winner will not get. How much more would it have cost them? BTW – why are the chances of winning much higher than normal?

  168. Already this year I have two separate week-long stays at the Hyatt Regency Orlando for conferences, a week in at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver this fall for my wife’s birthday, and four days at the Park Hyatt Tokyo in May (really looking forward to that).

    Why not gift it to someone who will get a lot of use? πŸ™‚

  169. I like Hyatt properties, but rarely stay there, because I have Hilton Diamond. Maybe all that is about to change, would love to give Hyatt a try….

  170. I truly enjoy your blog. Great information! We are going to London-family of 5 and will stay at the Hyatt Regency-Church Hill. We have been a member of the Hyatt program for a long time but would love to have the globalist status. it would be nice for this stay and all my husbands work travel as well.
    Thank you!

  171. Please pick me, hard for me to actually get globalist status since my job does not requires travelling. Will be nice to try the elite status for vacation πŸ™‚

  172. I’ve never been top tier Hyatt or SPG and would love to experience it. Thanks for offering one of us this golden opportunity to try Globalist!!! May the stars align for me.

  173. With help from your blog, the fiance and I are staying at Park Hyatts in Paris & Maldives for our November honeymoon. This would definitely come in handy!! Thanks!

  174. thank you for the opportunity since I just lost my plat status because of not being able to stay much at hyatt last year. Thank you.

  175. I would like to use this for the upgrade to Club Rooms or breakfast at Grand Hyatt Kauai

  176. Would love to use this on our trips to Europe for medical work.
    Was downgraded to Discoverist.
    Floyd Russak
    9 Red Tail Dr
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

  177. Newbie traveller. LOVE Hyatt, would love this chance for the year of “suite” travels on a budget

  178. I don’t travel enough to earn any of the high status. Would love to have a chance.

  179. Thanks for offering this. Would be great for 4 trips to Hyatts planned this year.

  180. As a newbie in World of Hyatt, always enjoy reading your Hyatt reviews before planning which Hyatt to stay on my next trip πŸ™‚ It would be an honor to be Globalist as I can experience more into World of Hyatt’s benefits so I can build up points and continue to be Globalist!

  181. I enjoy reading your blog. Fingers crossed that I win. My kids and I would be thrilled.

  182. I think it would definitely be great for my parents for their 50th anniversary global trip in Europe and Asia. Hyatt properties in these area might be small in quantity but the quality is really on the top of the game.

  183. I have had a couple of great experiences with Hyatt even without having top tier status. I have some trips booked to cities this year that have top notch Hyatt’s and I would love to experience that with the top status. Thanks!

  184. Would love to have you select me. I am a big Hyatt fan, and was bummed out to merely become a Discoverist after years of Platinum status. I would appreciate the Globalist (light) status for upcoming trip to Europe.

  185. In May, I have a solo trip to Paris and will be staying at a Hyatt. I would love to enjoy it with top tier status. I also stay at Hyatts for work, but could never get more than the old platinum. This give away will be my only chance at top tier!!!

  186. For a 19-year-old college student having top-Tier Hyatt status would be an absolute blast. Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay with my Clemson Tigers was the best hotel experience I’ve had so far!

  187. I come from an low income working immigrant family. I’d love to take my family away and show them a bit of luxury which they’ve never seen in their life.

  188. Thanks for the contest. A random tip: always roll your clothes in your suitcase for some reason you get a lot more in. Also are you clothes tend to wrinkle less.
    Pack your important stuff that you need to get you in a hurry in a Ziploc bag. Oh and it would be nice to have status.

  189. I would love to get a suite. Also free breakfast would be nice. Thanks for the chance.

  190. Thank you so much for this great opportunity! I’d be so happy if you picked me. Life is simply too short to live without Hyatt’s top tier Globalist status (even if it is only “lite”). I had to go through very challenging times and now it’s time to celebrate the Hyatt way of life! Please make my year… πŸ™‚ Best, Philipp

  191. Awesome giveaway! Love Hyatt’s top tier status for the suite upgrades and free breakfast, which makes trips with my family and kids so much nicer!

  192. I used to teach Hospitality, Lodging and Management to high school students so they could get a little ahead of the game in college credits if they wanted to go into the field and I love looking and evaluating properties. If I win your Globalist level, I’ll happily let you know how every property is where I stay.

  193. Just the free breakfast benefit when traveling with a family would be so great. Thank you

  194. I have always enjoyed my stays at Hyatts, would make them even more special if I were a Globalist!

  195. I have two upcoming paid stays with family at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome and Grand Hyatt Washington DC this year. Having Globalist status would definitely elevate the experience!

  196. I’m taking 5 trips this year with my two kids who are 2 and under. Hyatt status sure would make these trips more comfortable. Wife and I are also planning a getaway at the end of the year (maybe Hyatt Maldives!) and status would be the cherry on top to a kid free vacation.

  197. One of my favorite hotels is the Park Hyatt Vienna, and I would love to be upgraded to their suites as a Globalist member! Overall I’m a big fan of the Hyatt brand and I would put the elite status to good use and not just for one trip.

    Some of my other favorite Hyatts include: Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf, Park Hyatt New York, Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Andaz 5th Avenue, and I’m really looking forward to the Park Hyatt in Bangkok!

    Thank you for your consideration,

  198. I often take my little sister traveling and we love room upgrades, so the status would be much appreciated and used!

  199. I have several reservations with Hyatt in many different parts of the world this year (Europe, Asia, North America, and South America), and it’ll be just perfect to stay at those various Hyatt properties with Globalist status.

  200. This would be perfect for our honeymoon, the trip of our lifetime! It would be awesome! Please pick me. Love your blog!

  201. This would just be awesome for me and my family, we are currently on a posting to Asia and looking to use our time here to explore as many countries as we can…

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