REVIEW: New York New York, Las Vegas – MGM Resort

New York New York LAS

Needing a few stays for renewal of my Hyatt status, and being in Las Vegas, I opted for a couple of stays at MGM Resorts. The last was at New York New York. Hyatt Diamond status matches to Platinum in MGM’s scheme MLife. This is supposed to grant access to upgraded rooms, as well as other perks. On none of my stays did I receive any form of upgrade, but I did manage to cut the check-in lines, and at every hotel (except the NYNY), I was able to check in earlier than the prescribed time of 3pm.

You used to be able to match status on the web between Hyatt and MGM, but this has to be done by phone now. It took a few days and a couple of chases but it did work. You collect your MGM card from their MLife desks in the casinos.

From next year when Hyatt changes its scheme the matching will be to a new level, the lower Gold Tier.

The moral for Vegas seems to be pay for what you want, rather than hoping for an upgrade. I did this hotel stay booking several weeks in advance, and I booked the room I wanted. Of course the Vegas hotels have chosen to add a range of fees, notably the vile Resort Fee. These are collected on arrival, although hotel rooms are charged as a deposit in advance.

Check-In was busy when I arrived around noon, hoping for an early check-in. Luckily there was a Platinum MLife line so I was able to talk to an agent after about a five minute wait. My room was not ready and they suggested that I call them in about 2 hours. As it was ‘Black Friday’ I grabbed a cab to the local shopping mall. Lyft had a promotion running for $5 off each ride and so it was pretty cheap to get to the centre which was further along The Strip.  The bellman stored my bags and I was off.

The Lyft/Uber pickup is to the right of the main entrance as you exit, very close to the door.

I called after I had finished shopping and they confirmed that the room was ready. Heading back to the hotel I couldn’t locate my Lyft driver and so hopped a cab – it was about four times the price of the Lyft, even before the discount. Well worth remember if you are in LV.

Back in line I got to speak to the same agent, only to be informed that the room wasn’t ready. ‘Please come back in 20 minutes!’

Finally I was able to get the key to the room, went along to the correct lift, and got there. However, the maid was still cleaning it and despite having a key she wouldn’t let me in, threatening to call her Supervisor if I didn’t go back to the front desk.

Great Service!

Back in line, which was now longer as check-in time had come for the weekend party crowd. A short wait and I had another room. Not an apology, just another room.

I had booked a suite with a Jacuzzi and it was large, although the room itself was pretty full of empty space!

New York New York LAS New York New York LAS

The room was equipped with a flat screen TV, comfy chair and a desk. The WiFi was in the resort fee and worked well enough.

New York New York LAS New York New York LAS

I did order Room Service which was more about quantity than quality and featured an 18% service charge with the option for an extra tip. A combination that I hate.

The view from the room was of the MGM Grand and Tropicana over the iconic NYNY rollercoaster.



There wasn’t a great deal of noise from the rollercoaster and I slept well. In the distance is Las Vegas International Airport.

The lifts from the room deposit you on to the casino floor, where the hotels restaurants are located. There is a Starbucks here too, and one on the mezzanine level. You can charge your orders to your room but need photo-id to do it.


This was the worst of my stays with MGM that week – the lack of early (or indeed on-time) check-in, the disagreement with the maid about the room, and generally a feeling of a lack of service – rates this at the bottom of my choice of MGM properties to return to on a future visit.


  1. As a platinum why did you waite in line? You can use the violence checkin office. Of course you illegals don’t realize that… hopefully trump will make you stay in your country. Guess u should say last trip to vegas before deportation

  2. I’m not at all surprised to hear about your experience at NYNY. Having visited Vegas dozens of times for work (and lived there for about two years), I find it has the potential to be great, but just fall flat on its face. The checkin experience is sadly typical of the hotel, and that room you had….wow, the empty space just makes it kind of creepy. The miscommunication with room being ready….also not surprised. I’ve had similar issues with their valet and signage, almost as if their management has completely checked out (no pun intended).
    Probably their only saving grace is the good location and the Il Fornaio restaurant on the casino floor.

  3. i would love to go here and just relax for one damn night. Lock the door and just be left the fu#$ alone. Wouldn’t that be so nice. Fu&#% yeah.

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