Bloggers are losing it over the Heathrow Christmas Ad – it’s just plain wrong

Well a good couple of bloggers have got all excited over the Heathrow Christmas ad, praising it for being charming. You can have a look at it here and see if you can spot the deliberate errors it contains.


I spotted these:

  1. The plane appears to have lost all of its markings
  2. Few cabin crew would hang the coats for Coach passengers
  3. They are never going to put bears whose feet don’t reach the ground in the exit row
  4. There is always a queue at Immigration at T5
  5. The idea that popping to the loo will make your baggage arrive is simply inaccurate
  6. The suggestion is that there is someone to help you get your bags off the belt – in your dreams

So whilst it is cute, these terrible errors make it misleading spin on behalf of the airport. Heathrow is just not that cute!

If you want to see a good (equally inaccurate) ad this is one I would recommend, from 2011

Scrooge, I know.


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