Enter for a chance to win a $250 hotel credit

MilesFromBlighty has signed up with Club1Hotels to run a competition this week for a $250 hotel credit for one lucky reader.

However, everyone can enjoy a year of free membership if they sign up at http://www.club1hotels.com/mfb  – don’t use any other links or their main site as the membership will not be free. (Signing up a two step process – enter simple details on the first page, and then all your information on the second. No credit card required so it doesn’t automatically keep billing you). Sign up by 30 November 2016.

In exchange for signing up for your year, you get access to their specially negotiated rates at their 4* and 5* properties throughout the world. Looking at their rates for Hyatt’s New York properties for 26-27 November, most all showed savings over the Hyatt web site.

hyatt-1 26 27 Nov

The Hyatt web site was

  • Park Hyatt – $1,102
  • Hyatt Union Square – $306
  • Hyatt Times Square – $378

Of course there are no Gold Passport points with the Club1Hotels stay, but the savings can make using the web site worthwhile.

Looking at London for the same 26-27 November stay the Shangri-La in The Shard was $569.98 via Club1Hotels and £553 via the hotels web site, so a pretty good saving there.

So to enter the competition – sign up for the newsletter. or post a comment below:



  1. I was looking for a couple of nights non chain in London so will have a look. Thanks for the competition.

  2. Are there any other similar services to Club1Hotels that offer these rates? Or is this uniquely positioned?

  3. Checked out rates For upcoming trip to Hong Kong – some pretty big savings over hotel websites!

  4. Awesome contest! I’d love to use this credit during an upcoming trip to Hawaii!

  5. I’ve signed up; going on a few holidays over the next year, so will hopefully find some good savings.

  6. This could be *highly* useful! I’d use the credit at the Hyatt Regency Delhi. I’m planning a trip to India next year and it would simplify planning to have one of the stops partially covered.

  7. Hmm. Would be nice if I can use the credit for a trip to Tokyo. Thanks for the contest.

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