Maltesers, soon for sale on long haul BA flights … and Pringles and M&Ms


In a week where BA’s decision to stop the second meal on flights under 8.5 hours has made lots of newspapers, Flyertalk has a post which states that BA will be selling snacks from 23 August on most long haul flights. Sold, it appears, via the Duty Free Bar, it must herald an ‘test’ of Buy Onboard.

Long a step too far for the airline, it seems that the BA’s death by a thousand cuts is well under way. Recent changes include:

  • Removal of newspapers from overseas airports
  • Removing the second meal on long haul flights
  • Removing tuck boxes from flights
  • No more pretzel bags
  • Cheese and biscuits removed from the World Traveller meals

The concern now is whether this spreads to short European flights and BA moves closer to the Low Cost Carriers model of Ryanair or EasyJet where anything on board is chargeable. (Worth noting that the other two partner airlines with BA in IAG, Aer Lingus and Iberia, are pretty much there already!)

(Image from Mars)


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