REVIEW: Hyatt Place, Heathrow Airport

Hyatt’s newest property in Europe is the Hyatt Place, Heathrow Airport, In truth the name is not wholly accurate as it is located about 15 minutes (and a £15 cab ride) from the airport.

A previous hotel occupied the same building and Hyatt has been spending several months stripping it to make it to their standards. You can forget Hyatt Place, if you know them, from the USA. This is a totally different property, a more upmarket version, but with the same type of service.


Hyatt Place Heathrow Hyatt Place Heathrow

The Gallery hosts still greet and assist guests, performing multiple functions. The hotel is newly opened and you can tell – everything is in perfect working order, the staff are super friendly, and there are not many other guests.

A few days before my stay the hotel emailed and asked if they could do anything to make my stay more special. I indicated that extra coffee in the room would be great. On arrival, they acknowledged the request, indicated that the coffee was already in the room and escorted me there with a big jug of real milk which they placed in the fridge for me. Whow!

In the room was a fruit bowl, although they had asked me about taking the 500 Gold Passport points at check-in. There was also a note welcoming me to the property. What a nice gesture.

Hyatt Place Heathrow

The rooms are not large, and whilst there are reports of upgrades for Diamond members to the large corner rooms, I did not receive one.

Hyatt Place Heathrow Hyatt Place Heathrow

Hyatt Place Heathrow

The windows are large and hd blackout blinds as well as the gauze you can see there. Floor to ceiling they gave good views of the local area.

Hyatt Place Heathrow

Whilst there are buses from nearby tube stations, the journey, with luggage would be difficult. There is a large car park and they hotel has a pick-up service from Heathrow for £20.

The hotel doesn’t have room service as is common with Hyatt Place hotels. They were more than happy to let me call down to order, and then collect it from the restaurant. In fact the waiter, who used to work at a Hyatt property in Dubai, carried the tray up for me. Again, great service. The steak and ale pie and chocolate and orange cheesecake were superb. Who can fault anyone who serves chips and mash?

Hyatt Place Heathrow

Hyatt Place Heathrow

Other options, as the room service pricing is fairly high, are snacks from a store located just across the main road from the hotel – a Londis.

Hyatt Place Heathrow


Most of the nearby shops are of the hardware, garden, carpet shopping variety.

The bathroom featured a tub with a shower in. The tub is very small and my 6ft frame was cramped.

Hyatt Place Heathrow

There were plenty of towels and the water was hot with a great pressure.

At check-in I had booked the cab for Heathrow at a time before the restaurant opened at the weekend. The staff were adamant that if I came down 30 mins before my departure they would sort out breakfast. Great service!

I duly arrived and found that the staff had started the layout for the breakfasts, and were more than happy for me to help myself.


Hyatt Place Heathrow

There was plenty of cold items, all included in the hotel room rate. Cooked items, only available when the chef starts work, were chargeable. This is unusual in most Hyatt Places.

How can you not love somewhere that has Marmite?


My cab, a nice people mover arrived at the appointed time and took me to Heathrow in about 15 minutes. The cab fare was charged to the room and so I think earned Gold Passport points.

Overall, a great new addition to the Hyatt family. I wish it was located nearer the airport or had its own shuttle bus, but perhaps that will come in time. I hope the staff keep their ‘ can do ‘ attitude as they meet more customers.

Hyatt Place Heathrow Hyatt Place Heathrow


  1. Thanks for the review and pics!

    “There is a large car park and they hotel has a pick-up service from Heathrow for £20.”

    I was wondering what transport they offered. That’s the big sticking point with this hotel, the distance. I’m guessing the pick-up service is a taxi?

    Not being experienced with taxis around Heathrow (other than that they are expensive departing from LHR), I’m assuming that £20 for their pickup service is a lot cheaper than a normal taxi pick-up fare from there. £15 from the hotel seems pretty good too.

    You mention that there are buses from local tube stations but when it was discussed on the InsideFlyerUK forum thread, I couldn’t see any buses that went to a tube station. Southall/Hayes and Harlington railway stations are the nearest but there aren’t any buses that go there directly from the hotel. Are these the ones you mean, or is there a bus service that I don’t know about? 🙂

  2. @litefoot – Black cabs from the airport are madly expensive and the taxi rates to/from the hotel is about right for the distance. The extra £5 for pick-up allows the driver to meet you after Customs in the terminal. The car I had was clean, new and large.
    The two buses that run the route outside the hotel do get to Tube Stations – 207 or 427 – go to Ealing Broadway but that is some distance to Heathrow with a change.
    You can also walk 15 minutes and get the 140 direct to Heathrow.

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