London Victoria Line suspended – quick drying cement poured in to control room

Transport For London are currently reporting that the Victoria Line is partly suspended due to Flooding at Victoria.

vic flooding 2

The truth is much odder….

The material with which their control room is flooded is quick drying cement. One suspects it may be some time before the line is back to normal.

vic cement 1



  1. Friday morning at 10:11 and the Victoria line is showing ‘Good service’ so it looks like they’ve got it sorted, or at least a backup plan in place. Well done to them as I envisaged the line being disrupted the entire weekend whilst whilst they sorted this out. Maybe they will need to close the line for a bit of extra time at some point to ‘finishing fixing’ but the main thing is they got the system back up & running ASAP. Well done TfL and it’s contractors.

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