REVIEW: Hyatt Place, Charlotte Airport

Hyatt Charlotte Airport

Hyatt has a Hyatt Place property pretty close to the Charlotte airport. Although I don’t think anyone should be going to North Carolina at the moment, I had a one night stay booked before the Toilet Law came in to force. The hotel sends a mini-van on request and it was at Area A at the terminal about 15 minutes after I called. I was the only passenger and we were back at the hotel in about ten minutes.

The hotel is one of the older, converted, Hyatt Place properties. However, as soon as I walked through the door I felt welcomed. The staff were friendly and found my packages pretty quickly.

They had allocated a room (601) at the end of the corridor on the top floor. The view was of the car park and the couple of stores and a restaurant across the other side of the lot.

It was a standard Hyatt Place layout – big sofa, big TV, separate toilet/shower.

Hyatt Charlotte Airport Hyatt Charlotte Airport

The room was clean and I managed to get the air-con to generate an appropriate temperature for sleeping.

The gallery hosts were really helpful and let me order food on the phone and then called me when it was ready so I could some down. The food was hot and tasty but also fairly expensive, as they seem to be at Hyatt Place properties these days. The room had a coffee machine with powdered milk.

The hotel was quiet and I was only woken once by noise in the corridor.

I had to book the shuttle bus for the morning as it runs every 20 minutes and once full, leaves. I went down a little early and breakfast almost out and so I could have a coffee and some fruit before boarding the bus. There were 4 other people on the 13 person bus and we were at the airport without delay.

All round, a decent stay up to the usual Hyatt standard.

Hyatt Charlotte Airport


  1. It amazes me that the only part of the NC bill everyone is focused on is the “toilet” portion, which regardless of your position does not impact many people in state.

    What does impact people in the state is the inclusion of “general racism” which affects many more people. But frankly what people appear to be most upset about is the “toilet” provision because that is all people talk about.

    I guess discrimination outside of the LGBT community does not matter now that the LGBT movement has effectively used race discrimination of other races to become front and center. No need to think about the other groups now.

  2. What a dumb, overly PC comment. You’re right, no one should ever go to North Carolina. Ever. Not even drive thru it, not even to try and change the law, not even to visit family. Just stick to travel.
    My fault for even bothering to read this.

  3. First time I was ever moderated out for stating the truth – guess you get a post if you agree with the author completely.

  4. It should be noted that there are 2 different Hyatt place properties at Charlotte airport. Your review doesn’t specify the property you are reviewing.

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