Brussels airport re-opens today with new security but limited flights

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Brussels ten days ago, the airport is set to re-open for limited flights today. A new security arrangement has been implemented on the re-opening clearly designed to head off another attack of the same sort.

  • There is a new entrance to the terminals and the temporary departure areas
  • A vehicle check of vehicles entering the airport is being implemented
  • Friends and Family seeing people off will no longer obtain access to the main terminal
  • Boarding passes or reservations will be checked before passengers proceed to the terminal
  • There will be extra boarding pass, passport and police checks in the departure hall
  • There will be limited shops/catering today, but more will re-open tomorrow
  • There will be no trolleys in the temporary departures hall and passengers are advised to travel light

On the arrivals side there will be changes too:

  • All non-schengen arrivals will be met by buses
  • People meeting passengers can enter the arrivals hall but are asked to leave backpacks and luggage in their cars in the car park

Transfer passengers seem to have to follow a more complex route:

Brussels Airport Transit

It also appears that trains will not be running to/from the airport.

There is a special website showing details of all the changes here. Live arrivals information is here.

The airport has helpfully collected together all of the arrangements being made by airlines on this page.

As of this morning these are the planned departures for today and tomorrow morning, first thing:

Bru departures



  1. This is understandable, but of course completely pointless.

    The last place in the world that terrorists will think about trying to attack next in the same way is Brussels Airport.

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