La Compagnie offering £850 roundtrips to Newark from Luton

La Compagnie, the all business airline which operates between Luton Airport and Newark, NJ using 74 seats 757’s is once again making a great offer. I was lucky enough to fly with them last year and you can read my review of their inflight service here. I liked it and the fare they are offering is great. You need to book soon – by Feb 18 – but you can pick dates later on for the £850 deal. Here are some randomly selected dates for May:

La Compagnie

The fare is jolly good in my view. There isn’t a sale from Dublin or Copenhagen at the moment, and if you want a flight to/from the UK, this is about a cheap as it gets.

The outbound flight leaves Luton at 4.45pm and the return takes off from Newark at 10:20pm giving nearly a full business day in both locations.


  1. Hi there,

    Here at we have great discounted tickets for First and Business Class travel and had a customer fly with La Compagnie airline. He loved it. The seats are Lie-Flats vs Flat beds which he was ok with. (we didn’t have the right booking class to provide him with a discount on his date) otherwise he would fly with other options since he really needed the Full Flat beds. Anyhow, Do you think they might be extending their network? We have great discounts on major airlines to Europe and other locations, and this little gem helps us when it comes to customers on the budget, but they only do London for now and its hard to connect if someone wants to go beyond.

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