As British Pound collapses, it’s time to come visit.

London Bus

Since November 2015, the British Pound has dropped against the US $, down from $1.53 to $1.43 to the £1. Against the Euro, the collapse is even more marked – from EUR1.43 to EUR1.30. This all makes London much more of a bargain than it has been for a number of years.

Of course, it makes leaving the UK much more expensive. I’m personally looking for cheaper hotels when visiting the US and Europe this year in case the dire predictions for the British economy come true. Time to move from Park Hyatt’s to Hyatt Place’s – well perhaps it is time. For elite status, a stay is a stay, regardless of revenue. Just makes it harder to make lifetime status of course!

If you are thinking of coming, and I hope you will, check out my series on what to see and do in London – the link is above – on the left – just under the banner – and let me help you plan a great stay in a world class city.

Oh, please spend whilst you’re here – our jobs depend on it.


  1. Actually the £ has not collapsed but rather the U$ has soared between 20% and 30% against just about every currency in the world, other than those pegged to it (like the RMB and HK$, which is why the Chinese want to try to somewhat devalue their currency and may yet unpeg). So yes for Americans Britain may be a bargain, but still not so for anyone else!

  2. Cheap currency is no reason to risk your life in Europe. Terrorism is real and if it doesnt happen near your stay, itll certainly mess up your flight plans. Cheers!

  3. @DavidB – well, I still wouldn’t use the word “bargain” just yet 🙂 but it does help a bit compared to the dollar-pound exchange awhile back. We’d been thinking of another UK visit this summer (among other possible choices) and if this keeps up it may help sway the decision!

  4. I’ve got my trip booked for September. Cashed in Alaska airlines mile to fly first class on British. The euro actually costs 1.09 dollars and the Canadian dollar is down to 69 cents.

  5. @Steve – you are more likely to be shot in the U.S. that by terrorists in Europe. If you go you’ll enjoy and be safer :). Thanks Blighty, reminds me it is time to move some cash over to the UK, as well as visit.

  6. @DavidB The RMB, Chinese currency, is not “pegged” to the US Dollar. Some Middle Eastern currencies,like the Saudi Riyal are pegged to the US Dollar meaning they maintain the exact same exchange rate.

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