REVIEW: American Airlines – Phoenix to Honolulu, First Class


I had first taken this flight during the period that AA and USAirways were merging and it was time to take the journey again a few weeks ago. It was the day after Thanksgiving and Phoenix was packed with other passengers. I had to change piers and it was a struggle to make it in time for my flight.

Boarding started on time and after people with disabilities were boarded, First Class and Military were invited to boarded. As the photo shows you board these old 757’s through door 2. Turning left to the small First Class cabin you walk through a few rows of Coach. The crew handed out the Hawaii Agriculture forms at this point.

My seat had wonderful leg room. On my previous trip – you can read the review here – there was less legroom but I really appreciated the big gap to the wall this trip.

AA 757 First Class

The seats are pretty old fashioned and not terribly comfortable for a nearly seven hour flight. Each had a pillow and blanket ready when we boarded.

AA 757 Row 1

The plane boarded fairly quickly and there was enough space for all the baggage and we took off promptly. The flight attendant was pretty friendly, but not overly so and the service was functional if not friendly.

There was a movie, but no WiFi or power sockets at the seats.

The meal was fairly filling the nut crusted chicken and mashed potato was great:

AA PHX-HNL First Class Meal

A custom made ice cream sundae was also served.

AA F Ice Cream sundae

We flew through some turbulence, but it was otherwise an uneventful flight. We landed on time at Honolulu and taxied to Gate 17. We deplaned via Door 1 and I was in the cab about 15 minutes after we landed.

An OK flight that could have been so much nicer. The 757’s are leaving the AA fleet in 2016. My return trip was to be on one of the new A321’s flying between Honolulu and LAX – which could not have been a greater contrast to the 757!


  1. You just posted why I won’t book a flight to Hawaii from my home in the USA. The airlines really need to up the game to Hawaii I think.

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