Diamond Gold Passport members to pay resort fee at Waikiki Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency Waikiki

One of the better rewards for being a Hyatt Diamond Gold Passport member at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki is that they have waived the $30 per night resort fee.

This is gone from 1 January 2016.

It’s been confirmed that from this date, everyone staying at the property will have the fee added to their room rate and taxes at check-out.

Personally I loathe resort fees not least because they seem to cover services I never use. The one at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki is no different – these are the items covered:

  • 2 bottles of water,
  • Coupons from Hyatt Shops, Spa, and Restaurant,
  • photo keepsake,
  • in-room safe,
  • complimentary local, 1-800 and International calls (up to 60 minutes) per day,
  • discounted beach activities,
  • local newspaper (Monday-Friday) pick up at the front desk,
  • complimentary incoming faxes,
  • Health Club access,
  • resort cultural activities (lei making, hula, ukulele, guided cultural tour) Twilight Ceremony (Monday and Tuesday), Aquaponics Fish Feeding, Hula Show at the Beach Mound,
  • Reusable Hyatt tote,
  • guest request texting,
  • access to beach amenities (beach chairs and towels)

I love the free incoming faxes – don’t remember the last time I sent a fax. The free phone calls is useful, but I tend not to spend my holidays making phone calls. And wow, I can use the safe in the room without charge.

I am pretty disappointed that a property that I had thought quite well of, have just added $30 a night to my stays.


  1. “It’s been confirmed that from this date, everyone staying at the property will have the fee added to their room rate and taxes at check-out.”

    With one exception, this should not be allowed if on a points stay, no matter the status. So I’m assuming you are talking about a stay on points and cash or on cash only.

    Hyatt Gold Passport and Customer Relations do not allow resort fee charges for any Hyatts on points stays and will reverse any fees you are charged for such stays. A call to them should confirm this. So even the Hyatt Waikiki should not charge the resort fee under these circumstances.

  2. I would suggest adding a one star TA review to any properties engaging in this egregious behavior. The Hotel will then understand how upset the guests are about such deceptive pricing.

  3. You forgot the $1.41 which they have the nerve to charge you for tax because of the resort fee, Mark — so the total is actually $31.41 per day.

    I just added this property to the growing list of hotel and resort properties which I have been compiling so that we may all fight resort fees once and for all — perhaps by boycotting these hotel properties:


    Thank you, Mark.

    You did not say whether or not the pens and stationery are included in the resort fee. What about use of the toilet? I sense writing a parody article sometime in the future…

    Perhaps we should start a BoardingArea task force and join together against the proliferation of resort fees and facilities fees…

  4. By “everyone staying at” the property will pay the resort fee, I assume you mean everyone staying on a paid rate and not on a reward night reservation?

  5. Including the use of the safe in the resort is beyond ridiculous. The safe?? Really???
    And, FWIW, I’ve never been hit these fees on a pure points stay.

  6. Even if there is no resort charge on points, 20000 points/night is pretty steep for this property. 15000 points/night seems more adequate.

  7. Since the $30 resort fee is charged daily, does one receive a photo keepsake everyday that the resort fee is paid?

  8. One of the things I love here is that they say the fee covers a “daily newspaper”, which is only available Monday to Friday…AND you have to go pick it up at the front desk if you want it, which always has a line.

    I think Jon’s idea of leaving a 1* TA review is an excellent one.

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