Matched to Hyatt Diamond? Don’t understand Gold Passport? Watch the 2 minute summary

This is a video made from my presentation on Hyatt to the 2014 Frequent Traveller University in Amsterdam. It provides a 2 minute canter through Hyatt and Gold Passport.

Just a couple of caveats – there have been a couple of changes since the slides were put together – noticeably:

– cash and points rates can be booked online now
– Grand/Regency club upgrades can be booked online

I hope it helps, but if you still have questions please post them in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

There is a key deadline for new minted Diamonds – 28 Feb 2016. By this date you have to have allocated the Diamond Suite Upgrades you have been given. You don’t have to have stayed by then, just made a booking and applied the upgrades. If you then change or cancel the upgrade you lose it as if it had expired.

You’ll get 4 more upgrades at the end of February anyway, and bearing in mind there are a lot more people fighting for the suites now, you may not be lucky enough to snag one. Remember you need to book the suite on the phone, and sometimes you can get lucky and find a Cash+Points rate that will allow the DSU to be applied.

If you are not sure where to stay, have a look at my Hyatt reviews tab above – lots of coverage all over the world.




  1. I got matched to Hyatt Diamond but I can’t seem to work out where to find my DSUs?
    Where can I see them?

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