British Airways updates its iPhone app

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British Airways released a new version of its mobile app yesterday which includes a couple of nice features when booking award or Avios tickets. The new search features are only available for flights from London City and Gatwick at the moment but are due to be rolled out to more airports.

The new search screen – above – is clearer and clicking on the destination, number of passengers, dates or class of service, enables you to change the entries.


I tried a dummy booking to Dublin. The system offers you options by date (along the top) as well as by flight, showing duration and flight times in a nice clean display.

Pick flight outbound

You then need to pick your return flight with the prices shown again.

Fares flights return

The summary screen shows the total price:

Flights prices

You are then taken on to pick the passenger, or to enter a new one:

Passenger Name

Confirmation of contact information is then required:

Booking contact

And then finally to the payment page which is populated by your default credit card information:

Payment page

That’s it done!


There are some new options to look for award tickets – you can tell the app where you want to go, by country or continent and then pick a city flights. This is helpful if you are looking for destinations with limited options – for example the US, where you can take your award to a gateway and buy a ticket from there. You can also tell the app which class of service you want. This is an example of wanting to go to Europe in Business class.

LHR-Europe Search

You are then offered a selection of countries and then cities in the selected country:

LHR-Europe Countries LHR-Europe Austria

Dates are offered:

Pick dates vienns

Then you go on and use your fingerprint to confirm the booking.

Book with finger VIE confirmation

To search for the US in Club you are offered a similar selection of screens – only those cities with availability in the months shown are displayed:

Pick country North America

So 4 cities in Canada and 17 in USA available in Club in February.

Confirm flights New York Pay with avios cash

After you select flights you are offered the option to pay all Avios of a split of Avios and cash. You are then taken to the payment page.

So, some nice improvements on the mobile app from BA.



  1. But they still won’t let you receive more than one boarding pass on the phone, which makes life travelling with family and children a PITA.

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