How to choose your meal on British Airways – Premium Cabins


BA is now offering the chance to pick your premium cabin meal 30 days before your flight. On the BA web site if you look up your booking in “Manage My Booking” and scroll right to the very bottom you see the Service requests menu above.

If the Order your in-flight meal link is available you can pick your meal.

I’m travelling on BA next month to JFK from Heathrow in First and these are the offerings:

BA Pre-book meal choices

As it’s Thanksgiving in the US I have picked the traditional turkey. Plus, I don’t eat fish!

If you need a special dietary meal, pick the Special Meal tab and you select a special religious or dietary meal from there.

Some flights don’t offer the pre-order option, but if you want to make sure of your entree, it’s worth doing pre-booking in my view. If your flight doesn’t offer the pre-booking you can still book a dietary or religious meal.

BA diet meal choice


  1. Great. I can pick my meal 30 days before, but they charge for a seat assignment on a revenue business class ticket. Solid priorities.

  2. And you can’t do this if traveling from an out-station – only LHR. Given BA’s “terrific” cusine – it’s basically a waste of time unless you really have to have your burger:-)

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