American launches new status Fast Track – including Executive Platinum

Goodness, looks like American really does want to build up its elite numbers over the autumn. Perhaps in advance of announcing a switch to revenue based earnings for 2016 I wonder. It may be a targeted promo though. I managed to register and the web site said that I would be told that I would get a confirmation email before 15 September. We shall see.

Anyway, the offer is this:

Fly on American, US Airways and other select airlines** and earn the required elite-qualifying points between September 14 and December 23, 2015, and you’ll receive status through February 28, 2017.

(**Eligible airlines include American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qantas, US Airways®, as well as eligible codeshare flights.)

So, what do you need?

Elite status level Elite-qualifying points needed
Executive Platinum 100,000  25,000
Platinum 50,000  9,000
Gold 25,000  5,000

These are Elite Qualifying Points targets rather than miles flown please note.

Register Here.

If you need to know more about what each status gets you read about them here.

On American, Elite Qualifying Points are earned based on Fare paid with discount economy earning 0.5 of each flown mile for G, Q, N, O, S class fares and 1.0 earned for H, K, M, L, W, V. Full Fare Economy, Business and First earn 1.5 times miles flown.

Hence, if you fly AA you need 16,667 flown miles for Executive Platinum if you book a Full Fare Economy, Business or First ticket. You might be able to secure EXP with a ticket from Dublin to Honolulu with some slick routing.

On British Airways, EQP’s work in a similar way – A, F, C, D, I, J, R, E, T, W, Y and B (First, Business, World Traveller Plus and full fares) all earn 1.5 EQP for mile flown. H earns 1.0 times and other World Traveller or EuroTraveller earn 0.5.




  1. I was able to get registered for this challenge but was hoping you might help me clarify a question. I have an upcoming flight on Alaska Airlines and I’m wondering if the EQPs will count toward the challenge? I haven’t really been able to find a definitive answer. Thanks!

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