Concorde Room Heathrow, Breakfast menu

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Having reviewed the lunch/dinner offerings in the Concorde Room at Heathrow, I am covering their breakfast offerings, available to noon. The menus are located on tables around the Room, and if you choose to sit down they will bring one.

There is a wide range of cooked items available, although I tend to stick to toast. Especially as they can usually locate some Marmite, and I do love toast, butter and Marmite.

Concorde Room Heathrow

On my last visit the room was fairly quiet, and service was prompt and friendly as I have found it to be recently.

Concorde Room Heathrow Concorde Room Heathrow

People complain that the staff can be hard to attract for service. I have found that if you locate one, place a clear order, then they bring what you need. If you are there for a little while, they regularly check whether you might need more.


  1. Seems like the United lounge in Terminal 2 is the best at Heathrow. Love the breakfasts there. Infact Terminal 2 is a good reason to fly Star Alliance from Heathrow. Is there a better lounge somewhere?

  2. Enjoyed a fine Brunch and service last trip out Hope to try out again soon arriving in F on BA 96. Connecting to MAN on BA 1394 in J. Do you know if I get access to Concorde Room?

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