Current Concorde Room Menu at Heathrow T5

I had a couple of hours in the T5 Concorde Room last week on the way to Copenhagen. I’d left the office before lunch and so decided to try out the menu. The offerings were different from last month and were excellent.

Concorde Menu - Aug 15


Pictured, top to bottom –

Parfait of Duck – tasty and filling, spreading on the bread triangles with the chutney made it very flavoursome

Duo of West Country Beef – literally fell apart. Strong beef flavour and excellent texture.

Cheeses – BA always does a good selection of cheese – and this was no exception. I would have liked more crackers but it was tasty

Not the largest portions, but each was good which you cannot always say of the BA offerings at Heathrow.

T5 Concorde Room Menu - Aug 15



  1. I debated eating there last month as I thought the dinner meal on BA’s late afternoon flight to ATL would be sufficient. Boy, am I glad I did order the small piece of salmon in the lounge restaurant. The breast of duck on board in first, which I left largely untouched, was chewier than an over cooked turkey leg, but at least it was nearly tasteless. (LOL) The cheese course at the end, as you would probably note, was the sole redeeming factor of the meal. Well, the California Pinot Noir was the best airline wine I’ve had in a long while though.

  2. Their chutney is superb and I do think they usually do beef quite nicely. I always try to eat something there if taking a later flight as the BA kitchen is hit and miss at 38K feet.

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