Passenger Shaming – Right or Wrong?

There is a large Facebook group about passengers behaving badly in, on and around planes. Yet recently the Moderators of the American Airlines board at shut down a thread which collected together images of passengers behaving badly on American and USAirways.

So who’s right?

This, by the way, was my contribution to the short lived Flyertalk thread – breakfast time at the Admirals Club in Miami.

Admirals Club MIA


  1. Right! People can be real a$$h@le$, and shaming is a perfectly acceptable way of changing the behavior.

  2. If people are happy to behave like that in public, why should they feel shame – or resent – a photo of their behaviour?

  3. It’s passive-aggressive and annoying. I seldom read stories with “look at what this person kept doing AFTER I asked them to stop!”

    If you’re annoyed by something do something about it. Taking a picture will change literally nothing.

  4. Passenger shaming is just a passive-aggressive method to make the shamer feel good but does nothing to curb any behaviour. It only makes the shamer look like a whiny douche.
    Take a chill pill and enjoy the things that are going well with your trip.

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