Travelling through Heathrow? It’s OK to take your imaginary friend

Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Airport, in probably one of the oddest moves ever, has released a training video for its staff. It covers how to handle Imaginary Friends. Yeap, that’s right – in the face of complaints from passengers about massive queues, unpleasant encounters with staff and retaliatory secondary screenings, Heathrow is concentrating on Imaginary Friends as a key service failing!

My most recent experience at Heathrow’s security setup was a connection from New York to Copenhagen last month. Fast Track was closed – no explanation given. The ordinary lines were packed and when I commented on this to a member of staff I got a ‘random’ second check of my bag. The Security Supervisor could not have cared less. I passed the complaints on to BA, as they are paying Heathrow Airport Limited for a service to be provided to their passengers which is simply not being done.

Imaginary Friends? Yes that HAS to be the priority.

Of course I suppose the Imaginary Friend will have to have their own boarding pass to get through the security gates as well as a passport so that they can board internationally. Do you think that their luggage is imaginary too?

I don’t doubt that many parents whose kids have Imaginary Friends will be pleased by this move, but really, this is the best you can do Heathrow?


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