Wondering about your visits to the USA? Non US Citizens can see TSA Arrival and Departure Records

Presumably in order to avoid numerous FOI requests the TSA has made it possible for non-US visitors to review their arrival and departure records via this web site.

You need to supply some data:

TSA Data Request

Once you have provided this and clicked ‘Get Travel History’ you are presented with a list of your arrivals and departures, back to 2010 for me. Here is an excerpt of my record (dates redacted):

Arrival and Departures

There are some odd entries – INN-KRANEBITTEN is actually US Pre-Clearance at Shannon, Ireland.

Quite why MIA – UNKNOWN, and yet MIA – MIAMI, FL are both valid entries I do not know. Of course the queues at MIA could result from the TSA not knowing Miami International Airport is!

CHI – DISTRICT OFFICE 9, is, I think Chicago O’Hare

Some entries and exits are on the same day as if the information from the airline has not been processed properly.

It is quite fun to see exits and entries but I am not sure it has a great deal of use!




  1. This would be great for citizens also. For example if you have to do a security/background check and need to document your travel for the past 10 years!

  2. I do want to point out that this is NOT the TSA and has nothing to do with the TSA whatsoever. This is from the US Customs and Border Protection (as evidenced by your link), and covers arrivals/departures in the US, *not* flights within the US, as TSA would have.

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