Review: The disappointing Hilton Copenhagen Airport – a contrary view

Hilton Copenhagen Airport

Let me say at the start that my stay at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport appears to have been a one off. The Flyertalk thread speaks glowingly of service received at the property which exceeds my experience. You can read the thread here for a balanced view. My previous stays, all be it several years ago, were much better than this one.

The Hotel

The joy of the hotel is that it is a 5-8 minute walk from exit at the customs hall. There is a sign that takes you up and over the main road in front of the hotel, but it is as easy to exit the airport after the train platforms, and then cross the road at the crossing. Walk up the ramp and you are right by reception


I had used the Hilton app to choose a room the day before arrival. I picked something on a high floor, not too close to the lift and on the side with the better views. Hilton says that they will do their best after you use to the app to upgrade Diamond and Gold members as you cannot choose an upgraded room from the app in my experience. (You used to be able to do this, but they seem to have stopped this feature, presumably so that they retain the ability to sell the room you would otherwise choose.)

Once I arrived in the hotel, there were three agents on duty and about two people ahead of me in the queue. One agent was explaining about the city using a map to a family whilst the other two were checking in other guests. When the agent with the map had finished she leaves the desk, and so we are down to two agents. The map agent then comes back and takes away one of the remaining two agents. Leaving one check-in agent with a queue of about ten people/couples/families in line.

I eventually get served and am handed the key to room 301. I query why my room had been changed from the one selected at online check-in, and it could not be explained. I left the sole receptionist for fear of being lynched by the queue that was by this point even longer.

The Room

I arrived at 301 and discovered that it was set out for guests in wheelchairs. This was something of a surprise. I know that some hotels do this if upgrades are not available as these rooms are sometimes larger; this is not the case at this Hilton. I also noticed that the room had been provided with two small single beds (my booking had a king) and that there was no welcome amenity.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Room

The bathroom, with its modifications did not have a bath, just a large shower.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Room

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Room

There was no bathrobe but plenty of towels and the standard Hilton amenities.

Customer Service

Before I called down to the front desk I checked that there were rooms available for sale on the web site, and indeed their Executive and Executive Plus rooms were available, so there was really no reason to deny the upgrade. The sun was setting as I sat in the armchair to speak to the manager.

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Room View

The room was pretty hot and I could not get the temperature control to work as it showed ‘Room Unoccupied’.

My call was answered quickly but I was asked to hold and could overhear the front desk agent laughing and joking with another guest. Eventually she came back and asked how she could help. I explained about the room, lack of upgrade, and the temperature of the room.

‘Your profile shows that you wanted a handicapped enabled room’ she explained.

‘I am pretty sure it doesn’t’ I answered, as I pulled it up online and confirmed that it didn’t.

No apology was offered, no offer to make it right. Nothing.

The agent did change the status of the air conditioning so that it would recognise me as being checked, and it started to cool the room.


I slept pretty well and woke in time for my early morning flight.


I left before the lounge opened at 7am, and whilst the restaurant was opened, no one offered me the chance to use it.


The check out was quick and did not elicit an apology nor a question about my stay. I left fairly unhappy and wondering what my next three stays will be like – they are pre-paid and so cannot be cancelled.

Follow Up

I had left a message after the poor experience asking that the GM call me the next day to discuss the stay. This didn’t happen but rather I received an email from the Front Desk Manager – clearly the hotel was taking my complaints seriously!

They refunded 50% of my pre-paid rate as a gesture of good will.

I am back again in about 10 days time and will let you know if it’s better this time around.

DSC00154 DSC00153 Hilton Copenhagen Airport

How have your stays been at this property – was this really just me!


  1. I have stayed twice at this hotel, last time was this past April. I found the hotel to be very convenient in location, and the rooms OK – stayed on the executive floor, and used the lounge for an evening drink/snack; adequate, but somewhat sterile in tone of service and decor – not inviting one to linger! The pool/spa area is very nice, and although I was leaving very early in the morning, an abbreviated breakfast buffet was in the lobby, which was much appreciated. Overall, I would rate it 4/5 – room for improvement, but generally satisfactory. If the staff were a little friendlier, the decor brightened up in the rooms and the executive lounge, it would really help.

  2. It was just you. 😉

    Sorry you had a bad stay, I’ve stayed there 7 times in the last year and never had a bad experience.

  3. My stays have all been good in the past. Last stay was in August 2014. Have noticed with Hilton’s around the globe that Gold status does not seem what it was (i.e. does not guarantee lounge access) and so I went up to Diamond. Afraid that room upgrades, like airline upgrades, seem to be an historical artifact, these days.

  4. I stayed at this hotel property several years ago and was almost completely satisfied with my stay. I may consider posting a review when I access the photographs I took…

  5. I had 2 nights here just two weeks ago at the end of June. My first night was at a travel agent industry rate, my second prepaid through BA Holidays. I had two confirmation numbers and I emailed the hotel a few days prior to arrival to ask them to link the bookings as consecutive stays to ensure we could keep the same room, which they did, no problem.

    I was able to check-in using the app and chose the best available airport view and that was the room I got. (I have no status anyway). There was someone else ahead of me at check-in but it didn’t take too long and they recognised we were there for two nights.

  6. I’ve not stayed at this one before (had an excellent stay at the Crowne Plaza CPH instead!), but that is some pretty appalling service. Personally I would have gone back downstairs and pushed for a new room, but it depends if you were just heading straight to bed it’s not worth it. I’d blog a formal complaint via HHonors too.

  7. I’ve had exactly the same experience – massively long queue at check-in, upgrade denied… Just a very bland and disappointing stay. Definitely not worth the money.

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