It’s Heathrow!

The BBC is reporting that the UK Commission looking at the future of aviation in the South East of England is likely to recommend a third runway at Heathrow. It may also not discount the option of a second runway at Gatwick. This is likely to force the Government to choose!

The idea of the independent commission was to remove the need for politicians to make decision which might have an impact on their electoral popularity amongst people living under the flight paths. That seems to have failed.

As the day progresses you can keep an eye out for some stereotypical reactions:

– Conservative grandees with constituencies in West London opposing any expansion at Heathrow

– Gatwick Airport employees pointing out how wonderful it would be to be able to expand

– Local residents complaining that their villages will be hurt by the expansion

– Heathrow staff being grateful for the independent commissions proposals

– The Mayor of London bemoaning the lack of an option for the Thames Estuary ‘Boris Island Airport’

I doubt that anyone will talk to flyers stuck on planes for hours the last time it snowed at Heathrow about what they want.