Kuwait flight from JFK diverts to Heathrow

KU118 did an abrupt U-turn over Europe last night on route to Kuwait and landed at Heathrow’s Terminal 4. It is unclear what caused this diversion. Interesting for two reasons – Heathrow is not the hijack airport for the UK – typically planes would go to Stansted as has happened in the past. Secondly, there were plenty of other airports that could have been chosen when the plane turned around.

Kuwait 2

In addition, Heathrow is showing the flight on it’s arrival data on the web site, as if it was perfectly normal. Press reports indicate that a state of emergency was called by the plane.


There is a flight out of Heathrow to Kuwait at 10:30 London time, the normal KU104 departure so I suppose it could be so that they can put passengers on to this flight.

In the light of the terror attacks in Kuwait yesterday it all seems a little odd though. 27 people dies was a mosque was blown up in Kuwait City.