Booked in 64A on a British Airways 747? Think Again

Back in 2013 I wrote about BA moving passengers from 64A, a prime window seat on the Upper Deck of its 747’s to other seats. This process stopped soon afterwards and everything went back to normal.

Well it seems that BA is back to its old tricks today. My 24 December flight got my seat moved from 64A to 64K, less attractive behind the loo at the back of the Upper Deck.

So, if you’re booked on a BA747 and have chosen 64A, hop lively and check – you may well be located somewhere else.

British Airways B747-400




  1. BA has blocked 64A (the last upper deck row) on all future B747 flights worldwide.
    it has the curtain buttons which would mean it used for pilot rest/sleep. they used
    to use 60A for this. FvS/13May

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