Review: Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow


There are two Sheraton hotels at Heathrow, the Skyline and the Sheraton Heathrow. Located a good distance apart, and of differing quality, they are easily confused it seems. The front desk at the Skyline does a trade in people who have come to the wrong hotel and who need cabs to the alternative location.

The Sheraton Skyline used to be a regular place for me to stay when boarding early morning flights from Heathrow. However, it is some three years since I have been there. Little has changed, which is not necessarily a bad things I as it is a decent property.


There was no queue at check-in, and apart from the agent requiring photo-id (A practise I loathe as we are not required to carry proof as a citizen of the UK. The room rate was pre-paid and I had the credit card that I used to pay which matched both my name on my SPG account and on the reservation. How much more proof do they really need?)

I no longer have status with Starwood although they did think I had Gold for some reason, although the amenity I would have received had I truly been Gold, rightly never posted.

The lobby is nicely appointed in the modern style of hotels.

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Lobby


I was allocated a room at the back of the hotel on the third floor. The front has runway views from some of the rooms, and indeed I was at this hotel on the last day of Concorde operation when they landed finally at Heathrow. My room view was little less exciting:

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Bedroom


The room itself was nicely appointed, a large desk, medium sized flat screen TV, tea & coffee making facilities and a sofa were all present.

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow

As I had booked via the Starwood web site my internet access was free.

The bathroom was standard for this property:

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Bathroom Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Bathroom

The black and white colour scheme works fine. Standard Sheraton toiletries were provided. A bath robe was also in the wardrobe behind the door.

Executive Lounge

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Executive Lounge

The lounge is also located on the third floor, with a view over the Bath Road and the airport.

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Executive Lounge

The lounge, effectively two rooms knocked together provides snacks through the day. They provide hot food and breakfast and evening service.

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Executive Lounge

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Executive Lounge Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Executive Lounge Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Executive Lounge


There are a mixture of sofas, seats and a large table in the room. There was never a point at which I could not get a seat, although it was much busier in the evening than in the morning. There were staff available on both occasions.

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow Executive Lounge

Alcohol was free during the evening period, self serve from the bar. This included spirits, wine and beer.

Swimming Pool

The pool is located in the middle of the square made out of the property.

Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow pool


The stay posted promptly after the stay.


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