The Flagship Lounge Showers at LAX

Popular with those passengers travelling from Australia, the three showers in the Flagship lounge can experience long queues at times. Luckily I was off the overnight from Honolulu a long time before anyone from Sydney showed up.

There are three showers in the Flagship section of the Admirals Club lounge at LAX. Request a booking at the Flagship front desk (behind the sliding door) when you arrive and they will add you to the list.


Located at the back of the lounge, just before you go in to the gents loo, there is a door behind which the showers await you.


Opening door identifies the three showers, check your number and the key unlocks the door. Make sure you lock it behind you, if you only for the protection of the curious.

There is a shower stall, toilet, wash basin and large mirror in the room. Towels are provided, but if you want other items – toothbrush, razor etc. you need to ask for them at Reception. Too late if you forgot and have now disrobed for your shower!

Shower Wash Basin and mirror

The toiletries provided (in the anti-theft containers) are pretty reasonable. By that I mean that they don’t make you smell but do help to open your breathing passages after a long flight.

Supplied toiletries

The water was hot but the pressure not exceptional. I had all of my own shampoo, shaving foam and razor in my carry on so I didn’t need to ask for anything on this visit. After 15 minutes I was done, dried off, and felt like a more awake person. Returning the key to the front desk, someone was despatched to clean it immediately, ready for the hordes from down-under, ready for a wash after 15 hours on the plane.



  1. The aa flagship showers at lax are nice, I found the one at the end of the hall is the largest. really hits the spot 🙂 after 12 hrs from s.e. Asia.

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