The tunnels at LAX between Terminal 4, 5 and 6

American Airlines at LAX

Since the merger of USAirways and American Airlines, flights from LAX have been moved to Terminal 6 – previously occupied by United and still by Alaska. United has moved its flights out and created space for US to use 6 gates for its flights. When US was located in Terminal 3 – you can read about how the old connections worked in this post. There is a bus service in addition to the tunnels.

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

So fast forward and at the same time as moving to T6, LAX re-opened the tunnels that run under the tarmac and link Terminals 4, 5 and 6.

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

The tunnels allow airside access between the terminals used by American, Delta and USAirways as well as Alaska which operates codeshares for AA. You access the tunnels at Terminal 4 adjacent to the bus gate which links Terminal 3 to Thomas Bradley for International flights as well to the American Envoy commuter flight terminal.

Down the escalator:

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

you reach the tunnel, illustrated with aviation facts from history

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

It is about an 8 minute walk to Terminal 5 where you can exit, about another 5 minutes and you are in Terminal 6.

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

The corridor to Terminal 6 is a lot more boring:

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

Then it is time to exit the tunnels:

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

You come up in T6 towards the back of the terminal so have to allow about 3-4 minutes to get to the USAirways gates.

The Tunnels at LAX between T4, 5, 6

If you can secure access to the Alaska Clubroom (Priority Pass accepted) it is located on floor up from the terminal.

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It is worth noting that you can walk airside between Terminal 6, and 7 & 8, used by United.



  1. TBI is the worst and it is a joke when flying non-QF OW connections you need to leave the secure area.

  2. How much time would it take to get from Terminal 7 to TBIT? I have access to Star Alliance lounge because of United Club card.

  3. @jediwho – walking probably 15-20 minutes. There is a shuttle on the lower level which would probably take 15 minutes too. You might have an issue getting through security depending on where your flight leaves from.

  4. @MilesfromBlighty Thanks very much. A bit off topic, but what is the best/easiest lounge to access at LAX if one is flying Southwest? I have access to United Club and Priority Pass.

  5. I saw that the T4- T% tunnel was open In early March.
    When I have had the time, it is a nice walk from T5 to Hardees in T8

  6. On our way to Hawaii March 24 and had some time to kill so we walked around down there. Only way to get around due to never ending construction. Aviation facts were interesting. Lots of folks trying to get to their next gate.

  7. Weren’t these tunnels there when we once went underground at all terminals to get to gates? It was a strange arrangement to go down and under the planes which parked in a circle or semi-circle around the actual Terminals 1-6. Then gradually the airlines built out over the tunnels to extend the gates right up to the terminals. But I seem to remember that there were tunnels connecting the terminals down there. I wonder what they use the old tunnels connecting Terminals-to-Gates for?

  8. No Hardees in California. You went to a Carl’s Jr., which has lent it’s branding to its corporate sibling Hardees.

    The reason for the QANTAS-only bus is because only QANTAS pays for it. I agree that OW should chip in the little extra to make this all day and for all OW flights.

    On the old terminal-gate tunnels, remember that not all of the terminals were built like that. T1 wasn’t, the new (1991 rebuild) T2 wasn’t, the current T5 wasn’t. AA still uses their old tunnel for people going out to baggage claim. T6-T7 is used for the FIS

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