The wrinkle in the InterContinental Hotels Group announcement yesterday


There has been a lot said these past few hours about the changes that IHG announced to IHG Rewards Club – the new super elite level, their 100% points bonus, the reduced earnings required at the lower Gold and Platinum levels – but there is a wrinkle in the points expiry announcement.

Many people hold credit cards and earn IHG points that way. Personally I was expecting my credit card usage to keep my points alive once they start to expire 12 months after no activity. Except it’s not actually any activity that will keep them alive, unlike most hotel and airline programmes where earning even 1 point extends the life of your miles/points.

With IHG it must be a hotel stay in order to extend my points.

From their press release:

To enable IHG to reward our guests who stay with us most often, starting from May 2016, IHG will expire all points for IHG Rewards Club Members if they have not earned or redeemed any points at all in the previous 12 months. IHG Rewards Club members will continue to maintain their point balances simply by completing a qualifying stay at one of IHG’s 4,800 hotels or redeeming some of their existing points during a membership year

This shouldn’t be too hard, what with IHG having some hotels which are pretty cheap at weekends, but it’s worth watching as it’s so dissimilar to other Miles & Points programmes that lots of people may get caught out.



  1. Don’t panic – read the small print!

    If you have status, your points do not expire. As the credit card gives status, you are ok.

    In any event, the small print also makes it clear that any activity does the trick. The email is badly written.

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much. Just because you “can” keep them alive with a stay doesn’t mean that’s the only way. Could be worse even if that’s the case, they could move to an air Berlin expiration model.

  3. From IHG Website:

    Will points expire for IHG® Rewards Club credit card holders?

    IHG® Rewards Club credit card holders are subject to the same policy as all IHG® Rewards Club members. Please note, all points that you earn from spend on your IHG® Rewards Club credit card will extend your point expiration period. Also, if your IHG® Rewards Club credit card benefits include IHG® Rewards Club Gold or Platinum status, then your points won’t expire as long as you continue to be an IHG® Rewards Club credit card holder.

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