Avios gone? Why I’m pretty calm about the whole thing.


There is hysteria in the air on the internet.

Yesterday blogger after blogger went in to meltdown because BA had identified a security breach and were proactively taking steps to prevent problems with members accounts.

These two steps were (a) forcing a password change on your account and (b) moving your avios out of your account. Oh yes, and (c) they sent people an email explaining what they were doing.

So why the hysteria?

Well it seems that some people were told that their account was being audited. Well I suppose it is possible in any given week someone’s account might be being audited, but this week? I suspect everyone at BA is busy fixing the security issue.

My two minute call to BA told me (a) Not to panic and to change my password – done and (b) it’ll take a couple of weeks to get all the Avios back in to my account and to call if I need a booking in the meantime.

Looking at my account, there are no unauthorised redemptions, so where is the problem?

So, it’s Saturday morning now, let’s be calm, take a deep breath and let BA get on with its work.

I expect to get back the nearly one million Avios I had, and I suspect it’ll be in a couple of days.



  1. Well for me (a) a password change was not forced, (b) all my Avios were removed as a mysterious ‘ex-gratia payment’ (er, thanks?) and (c) no email was received (and no, it didn’t go to spam).

    When you see that all of your Avios are removed, with no communication from BA (no email, no notice on the website, no post on facebook, no tweet) it isn’t surprising that a lot of people, myself included, were very concerned and wanted to act quickly to resolve the situation. Plus, it may have been a quick 2-minute call for you but it took me nearly an hour on the phone, to get through to an agent that didn’t know what was going on and couldn’t help me.

    Yes, I was worried.

  2. I can’t even login, “We are not able to recognise the membership number that you have supplied. Please check and re-enter.” I don’t seem to be alone, either.

    No communication from BA. Pretty awful management of whatever’s going on.

  3. @Stephen – you may have to change your password a couple of times. I did and it took after the 2nd try.
    There is a link to get an email on the BA home page.
    Start there.

  4. @Simon – sorry to hear about the problems. Everyone has the same Ex-Gratia entry. This is what BA shows when they do a manual transaction. Sorry you didn’t get the email – it’s not terribly helpful but if you want me to forward it let me know.

  5. No email here (nothing in my spam folder either). Still nothing on BA site about what is going on. I think it’s inexcusable for folks to have to resort to flyertalk, blogs, etc. for information. At the very least there should be a message when you login that you need to change your password. Instead it tells you that your account number does not exist. And then once you finally figure out that you need to reset your password there is no explanation or alert on the website explaining what is going on or what to do.

  6. Please post a copy of the e-mail image. I don’t know of anyone who received an e-mail. We have 4 accounts. Not one e-mail.

  7. @MilesFromBlighty Thanks – I have since seen the email on other sites. It’s just a shame that we have to rely on third party websites and boards to find out what’s going on and what we do (and importantly, do not) need to do. Not impressed by how BA are dealing with this, communications-wise. Thank goodness for sites such as yours for doing what BA should be doing themselves.

  8. no email. Points gone. Tweeted them and they promised an email but still nothing. Called in and on hold for hours. Gave up.

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