AA/US merger – MBNA cards to stay in UK


American Airlines wrote yesterday to their UK members of Aadvantage to advise them about the merger. Much has been written about the changes coming to US members. In the UK, USAirways has never issued a credit card whereas AA has issued one for a number of years.

The AA card, issued by MBNA comes in their popular 2 formats – American Express and VISA. The Amex version earns more miles (1.5 points per £1 on Amex and per £2 on VISA). There is a 12 month interest free period for flights booked on AA.

Their introductory bonus is 5,000 points when you use the card within 90 days of it being issued.

You will find a link to the application here.

The AA email said:

As a valued member with an MBNA / AAdvantage® credit card, you will continue to earn AAdvantage miles when you make purchases on your credit card and your card benefits will remain the same. Your American Airlines AAdvantage miles will remain safe as we integrate the frequent flyer programs. Please click here for information about the MBNA / AAdvantage® cards.