BA cancelling flights around Thanksgiving – including BA1

BA Cancellation

I logged on to my BA account yesterday and was greeted with the annoying red bar indicating that something had changed with my flights. It was a little bit of a surprise that BA were cancelling flights for November already, but then I realised that it was the Thanksgiving weekend. A little surprised that a US national holiday would have that much impact on BA flights I had a look at their timetable for that week.

BA Cancellation

It looks like a number of BA flights are gone.

BA had taken steps to re-accommodate me from Heathrow, of course leaving me to make my own way between London City and Heathrow airports.

BA Cancellation

There are a number of reports on Flyertalk that when this sort of thing happens that BA reseat its BA1 passengers in to First Class, but not for me. (It is a very cheap fare).

Luckily a quick call to BA this morning saw them agreeing to rebook me via Heathrow on the early flight to JFK. I even managed to secure an upstairs window seat in the exit row, so I am all set.

However, if you are travelling to  the US over Thanksgiving please check your bookings.


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