La Compagnie brings all Business Class operation to London

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La Compagnie is starting services from London Luton Airport to Newark from 24 April 2015. You can book a saver ticket (limited to 500) for about £650 roundtrip including taxes.

There is a review of their Paris service here.

The flight times are not wonderful as the flight leaves Luton at 1745 and arrives at 2100. The return leaves at 2220 and lands at 1030 the next morning. The 757 aircraft is much larger than the A318 that British Airways operates from London City to JFK.

Luton is pretty much the king of low cost carriers from London and is frowned upon by many! The previous all business efforts left from Stansted which in my view would have been a better option. Getting to Luton can be tricky as the station is a 10 minute bus ride away from the airport. Bus tickets £1.60 each.

There is an Aspire Lounge at the airport which does not accept Priority Pass so it will be interesting to see if passengers on this new service will be offered access. You can buy a visit for $32 via the Lounge Buddy app, although it only scores two stars!

I checked and as of this morning there are seats at the reduced price (PROMO) available – for example:

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Rather oddly they allow a day return with a minimum connecting time of only 80 minutes.

The history of all business class operators is a graveyard of missed opportunities and wasted money. I wonder whether this will work or not. Heathrow is the destination for choice for most travellers. If you like or work in the English Midlands you could find this useful. The Thameslink train service which is close to the airport will be expanded in 2017 to cover more connections. However, whether this service lasts that long remains to be seen.


  1. It’s about a mile walk from Luton Airport Parkway to the airport – exit on the North by the Hampton Inn (other side to the airport buses), then turn right and walk up the hill, in case you want to save the £1.60 when going to or from your £650 flight 🙂

    There’s lots of business flights out of Luton – private jet style business flights that is!

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