AA stretching flight times

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I was originally booked on this flight when it arrived in to LA at 0855. American appearing to be padding their schedules, a trick that airlines do in order to get better on-time performance data. It is odd that American have done this on 3 April, Good Friday as I don’t see it as a peak travel day.

This flight now takes 23 minutes longer.

Why does this matter?

Well it cuts the connecting time that I had for my flight on to Honolulu so short that American will not treat it as valid.

The effect?

I am bumped back to a later lunchtime flight from New York and now arrive in HNL 5 hours later than planned.

It is worth mentioning how I found out about this. American simply emailed me a new confirmation of the booking. No explanation, no phone call. If I had not checked the trip carefully I would have been at the airport at 6am!

Have you checked your flights?


  1. Check for Cancellations downroute – some of the re-routing options have been nigh-on awful.

    It took an 1 25 to sort out my reroute home (with a penalty flight between PHX and JFK aboard an US A321 in Economy as they managed to sell my seat from the point of me spotting it to BA looking at it.)

  2. @Kevin – Yes, I am having to watch all of my flights now as there seem to lots of changes. I am going to have to work through all of the flights ahead.
    In addition, note you have to re-add your Business Extraa account when they re-issue the ticket.

  3. While not justification, this might be well do padding. It can take a LONG time to get off the ground in JFK, even making arrivals late, so the padding might well be justified.

  4. It always pays to check your flights from time to time. I guess AA might be padding this flight that time of year expecting a stronger jet stream and the possibility of Spring storms they might need to vector around but more likely some other factor is at play.

  5. Delta is guilty too, I have an upcoming JFK-RDU flight on them that they have blocked for 2hr09. For a 431 mile flight…

  6. I’m scheduled to take the exact same flights – from JFK to LAX to HNL in February (also leaving at 6 am).

    I too had a schedule change, but the flights are still legal for me (but the connection is tight at 58 minutes). It looks like the schedule changed again for April (and is now illegal).

    I too was not contacted about the change.

    I really hope we don’t miss our connection because the next AA flight from LAX to HNL is 6 hours later.

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