Let’s do something practical for France…visit


As we saw yesterday hundreds-of-thousands of people are marching in France in the aftermath of a week which contained almost unbelievable events. I am sure that today’s march in Paris will contain even higher numbers. Comments by the loved ones of those killed have shown the full range of human emotion, unsurprising having them been thrust uninvited in to the media in the aftermath of their losses.

Politicians have expressed a wide range of views, as one would also expect.

However, as travellers is there anything that we can particularly?

Well I think there is.

We need to book a trip to France – Paris, Marseilles, Nice – all are great cities with a lot to offer for a weekend or longer. Why not look at taking that trip you have always thought about. Risk? Yes, there is risk but is it any more than it was before these unannounced attacks. Record numbers of security staff patrol the streets and visitors should feel comforted as to their safety.

So, as we are inspired by the sight of thousands taking a stand today, why not reach for the laptop and look at booking a visit. It’s really what’s needed.

For me, I’ve booked a weekend to Paris in February, picking up a couple of nights at Hyatt and taking the Eurostar for the first time in a few years.



  1. @The Value Traveler – my point is that many people may decide to boycott Paris as a result of the events this week. That’s not good. Baghdad and Ramallah, I doubt are on anyone’s plans to visit this year. It’s not a political blog and my points here are not political.

  2. Je suis Charlie…as well. Visiting Paris in March to show my support. And I’ll swing past Ramallah as I am touring Israel and Palestine next month. All good. TPJ

  3. Another easy French option is Lille – 1 hour 20 on the Eurostar, and normally more cheap seats available than Paris. Lovely old town, lots of museums, nice hearty food, and a short distance from Mons in Belgium which is European Capital of Culture 2015

    (This post brought to you from Lille, where I’m spending the weekend!)

  4. My wife and I have a trip to France the first two weeks of February. I didn’t think for a second about canceling. If we allow the terrorist to “terrorize” us then they have already won. I know security at the airport will be worse and we are staying not far from where those events happened but it doesn’t matter. At this point if they told me that we would have to be strip searched at CDG I would still go, well maybe I would wear the regular white briefs and not the red ones that day but whatever. The ironic part of my trip is that we are going to spend a couple days in Normandy to see how we kicked the ass of another crazy terrorist years ago.

    I’m not a huge fan of French socialist politics but I think we have to stand with our allies in time of need or grief. I will NEVER forget the British playing the Star Spangled Banner at the changing of the guard after we Americans experienced the events on 9-11. It still brings tears to my eyes.

    Vive La France !

  5. when in Feb will you be in Paris, I’m looking at 2nd week of Feb and would be staying at Hyatt properties as well. Maybe we can say Hello?

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