The Concourse Hotel at LAX, a Hyatt partner hotel

The Concourse Hotel at LAX from Terminal 8

The Concourse Hotel at LAX

Some time ago I reviewed this property when it was a Radisson – you can read the review here.

Since then it has been rebranded as a Hyatt partner hotel and is undergoing renovation. Honestly it needs to. The property’s fabric is tired, but the jewel is their staff who seem to understand this and so make a super effort to be helpful.

I’ve had three stays there recently and have started to like it.

Whilst the property is in walking distance from the terminal at LAX, the shuttle they share with Quik Park (located at the rear of the hotel) makes it quicker to wait for the shuttle in my experience. LAX operates a coloured sign system to indicate where you should wait for what services on the outer kerb. Buses won’t stop outside their designated areas, and you often need to wave an arm if you see you bus so he knows you want him to stop.

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The hotel’s shuttle buses look like this:

The Concourse Hotel at LAX Shuttle

I’ve found that even if you miss one, the next one is along in a few minutes. I’ve never had to wait the ten minutes between shuttles that they claim. The bus goes through the parking structure to drop off it’s parking customers first and then drops you at the hotel, or you can get off in the parking garage and walk 500 yards to Reception. The buses, whilst full, have never had passengers standing in my experience. This is a big contrast to the other properties I have stayed in at LAX.

The Concourse Hotel at LAX Quik Park Garage

The ground floor is quirky, with the Reception to the right as you come from the bus stop, or on the left as you come through the main entrance. The Reception is behind the staircase in the centre of the picture below:

The Concourse Hotel at LAX Lobby

There are seating areas in the lobby as well as a bar/take away area:

The Concourse Hotel at LAX Lobby

On each of my stays I received a standard room on the 10th floor. There are recent reports of Diamond Gold Passport members receiving suites, as I did when it was a Radisson. Each time I stayed I received the 1,000 points Diamond Amenity and a small food item in my room. The bottle of wine shown came as a result of some feedback in my Hyatt survey about the property.

The Concourse Hotel at LAX

The Concourse Hotel at LAX

The Concourse Hotel at LAX

The beds were ‘sleep number’ beds allowing adjustment of each side separately to your individual comfort:
The Concourse Hotel at LAX King Bed
There is a fridge, coffee maker and two bottles of water in the room

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The bathroom is typically sized for a US hotel, with plenty of towels, although no bathrobes.

The Concourse Hotel at LAX bathroom

Each room afforded a great nights sleep, even those facing the runway. Although across the freeway, the hotel is fairly close to the end of the southerly runways, but I was not awakened by aircraft noise.

View of the US/AA commuter terminal from the hotel:

American Airlines Commuter Terminal at LAX

The night time view:

LAX night time view from The Concourse Hotel at LAX


The restaurant opens for Breakfast nice and early, and offers a huge buffet – hot and cold items. It is a slightly old feel, like many hotels had in the 1980’s, but the staff are super friendly and you can eat as much as you like if you choose the buffet.


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They have Corned Beef Hash – who cannot love a property that has that on offer?

Overall, three great stays and I look forward to the renovation!