Not much to add to the New AAdvantage discussion except….

All of the blogs have done the new AAdvantage to death since American Airlines announced it’s plans yesterday. It seems that most people are pretty happy with the discussion. For me, well whilst I fly AA I credit to my British Airways account and so the changes have little impact.

I do have one dog in the race though – Million Mile Status. There seems to be precious little about that anywhere I could find.

American used to credit every mile you earned towards Million Mile Status – flights, hotels, credit cards, coupons from cereal boxes (yes that was real), and so I accumulated a good number of miles and at 2 Million I secured lifetime Platinum status. I’ve been a member since 1986 so have a bunch of accumulated earning (and burning). That’s important as it will secure me lounge access with British Airways if I ever drop below silver with them.

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However, a couple of years ago American changed the rules to only credit flights towards Million Mile status and my chance of getting to 3 Million evaporated.

I was interested to see what AA would do with those customers bringing balances from USAirways to the new AAdvantage party. Of course they could have said that they would credit everything earned with US (and America West), before AA changed the rules to MM status. That would have been generous. However, it looks like they will only bring over those flights we actually flew. It’s not even clear that America West flight will count.

This is my twitter exchange with the Social Media team:


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  1. The answer to your million-miler questions are in the AA FAQ about the merged programs. Info below is just part of the explanation there:

    Q: If I have an AAdvantage account and a Dividend Miles account, and my combined million mile balances allow me to reach a new million mile threshold, when will I be recognized at the new million mile level? What benefits will I receive?

    A: You will be recognized as the new million mile level when the programs combine in the second quarter of 2015. When American combines the programs, all members who have reached 1 million miles will receive AAdvantage Gold status for the life of the program; members who have reached 2 million miles and above will receive AAdvantage Platinum status for the life of the program. Learn more

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