Tesco Clubcard points on the way to Avios

I have all of my Tesco Clubcard points automatically converted to Avios as I enjoy the old rate of 800 Avios for every £2.50 of vouchers. New members only secure 600 Avios for each £2.50.

You earn Clubcard points primarily for shopping at Tesco – online or in store – but you can obtain points via their insurance, credit card and banking products also. In addition you can credit your cashback earned via TopCashBack to Tesco and then on to Avios. (You can earn 500 Tesco Clubcard points if you use this sponsored link to join TopCashBack.)

Well as I found out this morning when I went to Tesco and found my balance had dropped dramatically, this quarters conversion is on the way.


In a few days I should have 25,760 new Avios which I can merge with my BA Avios by doing a transfer.


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