British Airways starts a premium cabin sale – until 11 November

British Airways B747-400

British Airways has just announced a sale for seats in their premium cabins. On sale until 11 November, you can book for Christmas and New Year, half-term for UK schools in February 2015 as well as later in the year.

Decent examples in Club are:

  • New York £1551
  • Boston £1551
  • Mumbai, Channai £1670
  • Orlando £1694
  • Bangkok £1971
  • Austin £1991
  • Las Vegas £1999
  • Rio and Sao Paulo £2228
  • San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles £2451

These fares usually work with the Shareholder discount for those still having access to these fares.

New York is £2751, San Francisco £3501 in First, and Las Vegas a mere

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I’ll check what American Airlines are doing about these fares in terms of routings to earn extra Tier Points


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