Hilton JFK, another hotel to avoid ?

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I stayed at the Hilton JFK Airport a couple of times in recent weeks and it is another JFK hotel to avoid for some.

As with all JFK hotels you have to get yourself to Federal Circle to get the shuttle bus and the Hilton bus took over 30 minutes to arrive, at 11pm, after a call to the hotel. No apology of course. We got to the hotel in about 15 minutes.

My second arrival was not much better, but the wait was only 15 minutes at 8pm.

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Both check-in’s failed to provide an upgrade to an Executive Room. The standard policy here appears to be that Gold and Diamond HHonors member get a standard room with their key being coded to access the lounge. I don’t know that this is huge deal, but it is not supposed to happen. A word with the check-in agent results in an explanation that the Executive Floors are sold out! (Easily checked on the internet, and of course untrue.)

The agents were friendly enough, just checking the last four digits of the card and producing my keys fairly quickly.

The rooms are larger than those at the Garden Inn. I had the experience of rooms with one King, or two Queen beds:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The rooms are comfortable, and the WiFi was fine. You can login with your HHonors account in order to get free access if you are a Gold or Diamond member. Desk are from King Room.

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I have to spend a moment talking about this – the living nightmare of this property.

Let me get out that I am a fairly light sleeper and that as both stays were in preparation for early flights, ear plugs were not an option. The air conditioning sounds like an aircraft taking off when it starts. It does this all night unless you find a temperature where it never kicks in. In my first room I could not turn it off and so asked to switch. They found a room where the AirCon did not work and so I slept well. I did move to another room, but Reception forgot to move my alarm call. Jet lag saved me.

My second stay had the same noise problem but would it at least turned off so I spent a warm night sleeping through.

If you are a light sleeper avoid this property unless you can sleep in a warm room.

The King rooms have showers and the Twin rooms have bath tubs:

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Both bathrooms were clean with standard Hilton toiletries.

Honestly I got to see the bus, reception, my room and the lifts! Nothing else due to short stays, but whilst not as bad as the Radisson JFK stay, is not a property that I will be looking to return to soon. I seem to be running out of acceptable properties at JFK. Gulp.



  1. Are there any hotels at JFK to NOT avoid? After a stopover yesterday at the Crowne Plaza JFK, I have concluded that the best plan is to avoid stopovers at JFK altogether, unless you have time to go to Manhattan where they have real hotels.

  2. The Hilton JFK is the worst hotel out there, except for all the others. Which is what makes it the best choice. It’s better than the Sheraton (which was the best before this one was renovated and rebranded) and it’s better than the Hilton Garden Inn which was the best before the Sheraton came along… That’s why it’s my choice for a JFK overnight.

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