DAA Executive Lounge, Dublin, Terminal 1

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There is little choice of lounge at Terminal 1 in Dublin, and so most airlines and memberships use the DAA Executive Lounge. You can see from the list who provides access.

Located between the security checkpoints the lounge is on the first floor, accessible via this lift.

Once you enter the lounge you need to sign in with the staff – to the right as you exit the lift. They are great at explaining how it works. Basically, both sides of the lift are the same although in my experience, the area to the left of the lift is larger and quieter. My recent visit was an early morning and they had breakfast going. Yoghurt, break, jam, muffins, pastries and cereals were all available.

There are plenty of seating areas, although not that many power sockets.

There was a choice of newspapers and the WiFi was free.

A decent lounge, not spectacular, but better than the gate areas which can get very busy.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug