The ‘other’ Concorde Room, at JFK.

I wrote recently about a very disappointing experience at the Concorde Room at Heathrow Terminal 5. These rooms only exist at Heathrow and JFK and are reserved for the must frequent flyers and First Class passengers of British Airways.

So, I was unsure what to expect at the ‘other’ club on my return from JFK.

Concorde Room JFK

The room, located near Gate 1 at JFK and near where the Premium Security line at Terminal 7 comes out, was an oasis of peace. When I arrived, about 3 hours before my flight, it had about 4 people in it. The Heathrow lounge was packed and had nowhere to eat in contrast.

Concorde Room JFK

Concorde Room JFK

The room consists of a number of different sitting areas, has access to computers and a printer, and is self-contained with its own luggage storage and bathrooms. The unfortunate thing is that the Elemis Spa treatments are done in the main lounge, about a 5 minute walk away.

The staff in the lounge are superb. They are out in the lounge, topping up drinks, asking people if they wish for anything else and generally be as attentive as you could ask.

There is a separate restaurant area where you can sit at tables for 1, 2 or 4 people and enjoy a freshly prepared meal.

Concorde Room JFK Computers

Concorde Room JFK Dining Area

I had Butternut Squash wedges, a New York Strip steak and an ice-cream dessert:

Concorde Room JFK Dining Starter

Concorde Room JFK Dining Entree

Concorde Room JFK Dining Dessert

The lounge occupancy ebbed and flowed as passengers arrived and left for their flights. There was never really a problem with seating as the lounge never filled. A screaming baby did disrupt the peace briefly.

At boarding time the staff made an announcement as boarding was starting and I was at Gate 5 for boarding in about 2 minutes.

All round this was a great experience and so much better than my experience at Heathrow.


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