British Airways Galleries Lounge, Edinburgh Airport

Yesterday I wrote about the No1 Lounge in Edinburgh. The other lounge at Edinburgh I visited was the British Airways Lounge.
British Airways Lounge Edinburgh Entrance

The staff working at the front quickly checked my boarding pass and didn’t ask to see my BA Card which is an improvement from some trips in the past, where they have been adamant that they needed it before I could enter. The entrance opens up in to two corridors, in a wedge shape.

The lounge is pretty large with several different seating areas, a large business section, tables if you want to eat and a light and bright area by the windows.

Business Area:

British Airways Lounge Edinburgh Business Area

The printer at the back can be connected to by most laptops and I was able to use some spare time to print some documents I could work on during the flight home.

Seating area seen from the Business Work Area:

British Airways Lounge Edinburgh Seating

The window seating area and tables with chairs:

British Airways Lounge Edinburgh Seating

More seating:

British Airways Lounge Edinburgh Seating
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The food was typical British Airways Galleries fare, with sandwiches, cheese and biscuits, soup, and sweet biscuits:

British Airways Lounge Edinburgh Sandwiches

The coffee machines are excellent with a wide range of drinks to make yourself. There was the usual BA coke/diet coke etc, juices and waters to self-serve.

British Airways Lounge Edinburgh Coffee Machines

The room has a lot of different colours and is visually appealing as I hope you can see from above. With lots of natural light it is a pretty welcoming place to wait for the plane.

British Airways Lounge Edinburgh Lighting