Update on the Hyatt Regency, Charles De Gaulle, Paris

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle

Some months ago I wrote about an overnight stay at the Hyatt at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG). I recently did a quick return visit and found a few things had changed, so I am providing an update here.

1. The bus arrangements have changed
Rather than Hyatt having a small mini-bus just to itself, they now have a larger coach that they share with the Ibis etc. properties next door. If you board at T2 TGF station be careful as there are two signs for pick-ups for the Hyatt. One – the centre island – is for the Little Green Car (more later), whilst the side – overlooking the station – is for the coach. This is what the coach looks like:

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle shuttle

2. You can get a little green car for EUR10
For ten Euros you can get picked up or dropped off in a little green electric car. This is new, and a great deal. On the morning when I left the buses were packed so I got the car and was dropped off right by my check-in area. A good idea.

Hyatt Regency Charles De gaulle green cars

3. They are still offering breakfast in the restaurant at weekends.
One of the nice deals here is that they close the Regency Club at weekends and give you breakfast in the restaurant which has a great spread.

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle Breakfast

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle

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Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle

4. You can ask for a coffee machine.
One of my irritations with the hotel is that there is no kettle or coffee maker in the rooms. After my last stay I emailed and asked if they could supply one.

Lo and behold:

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However, I had to ‘steal’ some milk from the Regency Club the previous evening in order to enjoy my morning coffee.

5. The Room are as comfy as always
Had a great nights sleep:

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle Room

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle Room

6.You still get the same lemony tart, rather than an option of 1000 points

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7. The lobby is as lovely as always

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle lobby

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle Reception

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle

Hyatt Regency Charles De Gaulle

Although it is a bus ride from the airport, you can get great rates, especially at weekends. The Sheraton which is a short walk from most of Terminal 2, has much higher rates which I guess is the price you pay for their location.

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  1. Stayed here on my first night in Paris..May of this year……nice hotel… but then I moved on to the Hotel du Rivoli (excellent!).
    This hotel has a bus that will take you over to a mall close by.. with movie theaters and a grocery store,as well as some decent stores and a food court.
    Excellent breakfast as mentioned and quiet rooms.

    They have a bus ( 1 time each day.. only and in a.m.) that will take you into Paris downtown.
    I suggest using it -otherwise you must take the bus back to the airport and catch a regular bus into the city.
    P.S. Paris downtown is quite a ride away.

  2. We stayed there for a night in April. We were very happy with staff, club, lobby bar, transportation and actual facility.

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