American Airlines, LA to Miami, First Class

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I recently flew from LAX to Miami, on board an American Airlines B-757 with the normal domestic First Class seating.

Unfortunately there is significant works going on at LAX and my flight was operating from Gate 45 – now a bussing gate.

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The boarding was a shambles with the staff only turning up at boarding time, ignoring the fact that we had to go on a bus journey for 15 minutes to the back of the airport. Boarding started with people with disabilities followed by First Class. We all ended up going down the ramp and on to the packed buses.

Upon arrival at the remote gate the plane was not ready and we had to wait a further 15 minutes before we were allowed to walk up the ramp and board the plane, using the forward left door. My seat, 2E had the standard legroom.

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The plane was full and by the time the rest of the buses had arrived we left thirty minutes late.

I had pre-ordered by entree. (Something you can do in First and Business, about 30 days before your flight. In effect they simply guarantee your choice of entree from the menu already boarded. Whether they actually change the balance of entrees as a result of pre-orders I don’t know. However, few people actually pre-order so I doubt it.)

The crew produced dinner pretty quickly – starter and salad:

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I skipped the ice cream dessert course.

AA has entertainment on screens at the front of the cabin and on the ceiling, which provided a couple of movies and some short subjects. I watched the iPad and there was in seat power.

We arrived at Miami, still about 30 minutes late.

A typical AA flight, perfectly edible food and friendly staff. Just the most awful ground experience at LAX. Be warned if you get Gate 45.


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